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Iowa City says ‘howdy’ to new country-themed bar

The new country-themed bar, Giddy Up, opened its doors to the public last Friday.
Ava Neumaier/The Daily Iowan
Giddy Up, a country-themed bar on Clinton St., prepares to open this month in downtown Iowa City on Wednesday, Feb. 7th. The new establishment takes the place of where the sports bar Pints used to be.

A wooden bull stationed on one side and a line dancing stage on the other, Iowa City’s newest country-themed bar, Giddy Up, opened on Feb. 9, bringing a fully immersive country experience for bargoers.

Giddy Up opened in downtown Iowa City on Feb. 9 at 118 S. Clinton St.

Co-owner of Giddy Up Nick Carroll worked with the Iowa Ave Hospitality Group to launch unique concepts like CAMP Bar, which opened in October, and Scout’s Honor, which opened in November. Pints Bar previously was housed in the space.

After launching CAMP and Scout’s Honor, Carroll got to work with co-owner Josh Immerfall for three months to get Giddy Up ready for its grand opening.

“It’s an effort trying to figure out what each of us need to do to get done,” Carroll said. “We’ve been through it twice in the last three months before [Giddy Up] opened this past weekend, so we had a pretty good checklist put together.”

Giddy Up features several activities, including a canning ring, allowing people to throw a ring onto bullhorns to win concert tickets. There is also a giant bull by the front door for people to take photos with, as well as a Bullshooter dart board.

Giddy Up’s assistant manager, Chris Smith, spoke on other aspects of the bar that add to the country experience.

“We really tried to lean in fully into the country aspects, where we’re playing country music most of the time,” Smith said. “All of our decorations are country-themed and our drink menus are country-themed. We are trying to be our own place.”

Giddy Up also plans to start a new line-dancing tradition on Sundays, which will officially begin on Feb. 25 from 7-9 p.m., Carroll said.

Giddy Up is solely a bar, so its menu consists mostly of beer and cocktails. The new bar has a few signature cocktails, beer boots, and shots.

For Giddy Up’s grand opening this past Friday, Carroll said it had a great reception.

Smith said working up until the final minute was stressful but worth it when he saw everyone having a good time.

“Everybody was happy to be here, everybody was happy to be working here,” Smith said. “It was great.”

Giddy Up bartender Dylan Dolezal said his experience had been positive while working at the new country bar.

“It was awesome. There was a lot of excitement about it,” Dolezal said. “We opened at 5 p.m. on Friday and there were already 20 or 25 people waiting outside the door.”

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As for Giddy Up’s long-term goals, Carroll said a lot of work had been put into the bar, and the hope is to become a mainstay of downtown Iowa City.

“Being here those first two days that we were open, it was some of the most fun I’ve had working at a bar,” Smith said. “I think it’s a great time for everybody here and hopefully it only gets better.”

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