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Buy Instagram Followers: Everything You Need to Know!


Buying Instagram followers is an increasingly widespread practice that arouses as much curiosity as debate. Whether you are a company looking to increase your visibility, an average user wishing to boost your popularity, or an influencer aiming to strengthen your influence, this method intrigues and fascinates.

During this article, we will walk you through the ins and outs of buying Instagram followers and facebook likes. You will discover the advantages, disadvantages, and our selection of the best sites for buying followers. We will also explore tips for identifying reliable suppliers in this area.

In short, if you are considering buying Instagram followers & likes for various reasons, follow us on this journey through the inner workings of this often controversial practice. Keep in mind that, like Instagram itself, results can vary greatly. However, a thorough understanding of this strategy can help you make informed decisions to achieve your goals. Let the exploration of the captivating world of buying Instagram followers begin!

The best sites to buy Instagram followers

1. BuyIGFollowersMalaysia – Buy Quality Followers 

Price for 100 Instagram followers: $1.99


  • Aesthetic interface and smooth navigation
  • High quality and engaged followers
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Customization options
  • Competitive prices

On BuyIGFollowers you can quickly buy Instagram followers Malaysia. Delivery is almost instantaneous, in just a few seconds. Additionally, the site offers a live chat service as well as a phone number to answer all your questions. You also have the possibility to personalize your order with options such as express delivery or staggered delivery over time. Tools are available to you to optimize your Instagram account.

2. SmmStore – UK Facebook Likes Within Your Reach

Price for 100 Facebook Likes: £2.99


  • Simplified purchasing process
  • Choice of different qualities of likes
  • Sale of Facebook likes and followers

SmmStore UK site, which is best place to buy Facebook likes UK, although a UK version is available. The interface is user-friendly, allowing you to buy likes in just a few clicks. However, the majority of likes provided are British people, and there is no selection of Facebook accounts. Make sure you spell your account name correctly.

Buying Twitter followers can be a viable option if you’re looking to expand your reach or start your social media journey. However, it is important to ensure that the procedure is safe, reliable and effective. In this article, we explore with SmmStore the best sites to buy verified Twitter followers, focusing on security, quality and speed.

3. SingaporeFollowers – Instagram Likes, Views and Followers

Price for 100 Instagram followers$2.99


  • Simplified purchasing process;
  • Choice of different qualities of followers;
  • Sale of Instagram likes, views and followers.

SingaporeFollowers, similar to BuyIGFollowersMalaysia, is a well-known Singapore site for buying Instagram followers Singapore. It focuses exclusively on Instagram likes, views and followers. Note also that the displayed Trustpilot rating is 5/5, but the actual rating is 3/5.

What is buying followers?

Buying Instagram followers is the practice of paying a company to artificially increase your number of followers on your social networks. Social networks on which buying followers is a popular practice are: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.

Most of the time, these followers are simply robots, although there are a few sites that offer real Instagram followers. However, the cost of these followers is generally very high.

Buying Instagram followers is a practice that has become widespread over time. Today, companies, ordinary users or the biggest influencers buy Instagram followers. This is particularly the case for Neymar or even Mbappé: the British Institute ICMP states according to its studies that these accounts hold more than 50% of purchased Instagram followers.

But then why has it become trendy to buy Instagram followers?

Buy Instagram followers: The advantages

Although very controversial, there are many major benefits to buying Instagram followers and facebook likes. Here are the main benefits for each category of users.

The benefits of buying followers for businesses

The main advantage for businesses is gaining new prospects. Indeed, buying real Instagram followers will allow businesses to acquire potential new customers. Many sites currently offer increasingly targeted followers. The company therefore not only buys followers but also future consumers who it can convert more easily if the targeting is correctly carried out.

The advantages of buying followers for average users

The particularity of buying followers in recent years comes from the fact that users now buy followers without having a commercial objective. Many people simply want to gain popularity on Instagram without wanting to make money on it. They simply want to gain a little visibility but above all gain self-confidence and also flatter their equals.

Buying Instagram followers, the benefits for influencers

Influencers are undoubtedly the population that most resorts to purchasing Instagram followers. This is explained because they are the ones who have the most to gain from this practice.

  • Buying Instagram followers will firstly allow them to increase their income with different partnerships. By purchasing Malaysia followers who are not discoverable, and coupling this with the purchase of likes to keep a high engagement rate, this increases the value of the partnership. In fact, companies pay influencers based on their number of subscribers. Increasing your number of Instagram followers will therefore automatically increase their income. 
  • In recent years, influencers have embarked on a never-ending race for the number of followers. Over the years, this race has become the representation of the popularity of these influencers. So, everyone wants to have the most followers, since this allows them to have worldwide publicity. Everyone always remembers the publicity that Cristiano Ronaldo received when he became the most followed personality on Instagram. 
  • One of the things influencers look for most when buying Instagram followers is social proof. This is a psychological bias that is based on the fact that individuals are more likely to perform an action if they see that many other individuals have already performed that action. Influencers use this concept with the aim of building user trust by showing that an action is approved by others. 

Although buying Instagram followers has many advantages, you should be aware of the disadvantages that this practice brings.

The Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Buy fake Instagram followers

One of the main risks associated with this practice is buying fake Instagram followers who are simple bots. This can have many harmful effects on your Instagram account. First of all, your engagement rate is likely to drop if you buy fake Instagram followers since they won’t interact with your content. So this will actually cause your Instagram account to lose value.

Additionally, if you buy a simple bot, this can easily be identified with free tools. And there is no doubt that companies looking for partnerships with influencers check this type of criterion. This will once again lower your credibility with companies and the value of your Instagram account.

Not receiving your order

When you want to buy Instagram followers, you need to be particularly careful about the providers you are going to use. You should be aware that there are many scams in this industry. However, you can identify them fairly quickly. I advise you to prioritize these criteria in order to identify the different scams:

  • Check that there is responsive customer service. This is a simple but very revealing test of the seriousness of the site. All you have to do is contact the website by email or telephone and observe the response times. 
  • The overall quality of the website. A site that simply wants to scam you will very rarely care about the details on its website, so you need to pay attention to the various details. For example, if the site contains a blog that has been updated regularly for several years, this is a good point for the site in question. 
  • User reviews on this website. You can first observe the websites directly on the site. However, this is a very questionable criterion given that these comments are editable by the site owner. However, you can focus on user reviews on other platforms such as Trust Pilot. These comments will carry much more weight and truth. Don’t hesitate to filter on the lowest rated comments. This will give you insight into the site’s shortcomings. 

You will now be able to get a good first idea of ​​the site you are going to visit. We are still going to share with you our favorites regarding sites that sell Instagram followers.

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