Review | ‘The Mandalorian’ returns for season 3 with fantastic characters, great battles, and heartfelt stories

All episodes of the season are now airing on Disney +. The show was highly anticipated, after season 2 was released in 2020.


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While it is filled with action and adventure, “The Mandalorian” focuses just as heavily on the importance of family and love in its thrilling season 3.

The return of “The Mandalorian” for season 3 was highly anticipated by many, myself included. Seasons one and two were thrilling and action-packed but seemed to resolve the main conflict of the show up until that point, which was the battle against Moff Gideon. While a couple of issues were left unsolved at the end of season two, I was unsure of where season three would begin.

If you missed “The Book of Boba Fett,” you may have missed the reuniting of Din Djarin and Grogu, as well as the exile of Din for removing his helmet in season two. Episode one repeats some of these ideas and sets Din and Grogu on their mission of redemption. While I had expected this issue to be one of the larger ones throughout the season, Din becomes redeemed just a couple of episodes later, thanks to the help of Bo-Katan.

Throughout the season, Din and Grogu get sent on several side-quests, not seemingly working up to the main struggle — the return of Moff Gideon — until the very end. Although this battle is suggested throughout, there seemed to be little buildup to it, and the show was a bit slow in places. Still, I liked each episode and found the side quests and characters interesting and exciting.

I thought that the show did an excellent job of continuing character development, and not just of the main protagonists. While Grogu continues to grow and Din becomes less stern and more friendly, other characters also went through development, such as Bo-Katan, who reconsidered what being a Mandalorian meant to her. Additionally, the Mandalorians as a group began to reconcile and work together.

The Mandalorians were interesting and charming, despite its fighting over how they viewed their culture. As they decide to band together to take back their home world, it was fascinating to watch how they set aside their differences to complete something that each group cared very much about.

Aside from the sometimes-slow plot, I enjoyed just about everything else about the show. The characters are consistent and yet constantly growing, and every character is well-developed and easy to connect to. I also loved the subtle references the series makes to other stories in the “Star Wars” universe, including the sequel series, as “The Mandalorian” takes place sometime after “Return of the Jedi “and before “The Force Awakens.”

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Although I found some of the side-quests to be slow, they were generally very interesting and fun. When Din and Bo-Katan are sent to find other Mandalorians, they find themselves battling droids for the rulers of the planet they are on, played by Lizzo and Jack Black. The quest was fun and colorful, packed with action and humor.

Another aspect I enjoyed about this season of “The Mandalorian” and have enjoyed in previous seasons is the music. The music of “Star Wars” has always been iconic, and that continues in this series. The music always fits the scene and created an appropriate level of intensity, and truly added to the story.

The ending of the show wrapped up both new and old problems nicely. Very few issues were left unsolved, but a new chapter was opened for Din and Grogu, meaning that viewers have an idea of what the next season of “The Mandalorian” may include.