Trump visits Sioux City, endorses Gov. Kim Reynolds, Sen. Chuck Grassley

Trump visited the northwest corner of the state on Thursday rallying support for popular Iowa Republicans Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Chuck Grassley less than a week ahead of the midterms.


Angela Piazza/Caller-Times / USA

Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during his Texas rally at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds on Saturday, Oct. 22. 2022, in Robstown. (Angela Piazza for the Caller-Times/USA Today)

Liam Halawith, Politics Reporter

Former President Donald Trump addressed bleachers holding thousands of Iowans dawning bright red hats filled the small Sioux City, Iowa, airport on Thursday evening.

Classic rock blared over the speakers and fiery speeches filled the air along with a line-up of popular far-right Republican figures from Rep. Majorie Taylor Green, R-Georgia, to several Republican candidates from Iowa: Sen. Chuck Grassley, Gov. Kim Reynolds, and candidate for attorney general Brenna Bird. 

The headliner of the night’s event was Trump’s speech during which he rallied support for popular Iowa Republicans in the upcoming midterms and teased a 2024 presidential run. 

Taylor Greene opened the event on Thursday evening and drummed up those in attendance against the Democratic party. 

“In less than two years Democrats have proven they can’t be trusted with power, but we knew that already,” Taylor Greene said. “They’re running for office claiming that Republicans are destroying democracy, but Democrats are destroying our country.” 

Trump stumps for Iowa GOP during his stop in Sioux City    

Trump recognized the familiar base he held during his 2016 and 2020 campaigns among the crowd on Thursday. Iowa gave Trump the state’s six electoral votes in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Trump previously visited Sioux City in 2016 and last visited Iowa in 2021 when he visited Des Moines. 

“I’m grateful to be back in the great state of Iowa with thousands of proud, hard-working American patriots,” Trump said. “You’re going to vote for a slate of true America-First Republicans up-and-down the ballot and we’re going to end crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once-and-for-all.”

Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s accomplishments, playing to Biden’s low approval ratings to campaign for Republicans. 

“The Iowa way of life is under siege, and it is a great way of life. Biden and the far-left lunatics are waging war on Iowa farmers, crushing American energy, attacking Iowa ethanol, and strangling Iowa families with soaring prices,” Trump said. “There has never been a president that has been better to farmers or better to Iowa than Trump.” 

Trump teased a 2024 presidential run during his speech saying, “I will probably do it again.” He also endorsed Grassley and Reynolds. 

“If you support the decline and fall of America, then vote for the radical-left Democrats and if you want to stop the destruction, save our country, and save the American dream,” Trump said. “Then this Tuesday you must vote Republican in a giant red wave.” 

Grassley touted Trump years, accomplishments during speech before rally 

Grassley rallied voters during his remarks on Thursday evening to bring a red wave in the state. 

“In three or four days it’s going to be up to each of you to get your family and friends to get out and vote so that we can turn this country around,” Grassley said. 

With Election Day on Nov. 8, many polling experts expect a red wave to give the GOP a narrow lead in the U.S. House of Representatives, and many statehouses are expected to follow suit. Republicans already hold a trifecta of power on the Iowa state level.

“We would not have this big crowd without President Trump going through a lot of trouble to help campaign and get a Republican Congress so we can turn this country around,” Grassley said. 

Grassley applauded Trump’s leadership in office during his speech and added Grassley’s own contribution to the success during the four-year term. This includes Grassley’s leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee and confirmation of three supreme court justices. 

Grassley also paraded his seniority in the Senate during his speech, explaining his advantage over his Democratic opponent Adm. Michael Franken. 

“If I’m reelected, I’ll be number one in the Senate and Iowa will be number one on my agenda. If [Franken] is elected he’ll be number one hundred,” Grassley said. 

Reynolds paints stark contrast between D.C. and Iowa

Reynolds started her speech beckoning for the days of Trump’s presidency. 

“I sure miss the days of a robust economy, historic wage growth, tax cuts, energy independence, a secure border, the rule of law, and optimism,” Reynolds said. “I have some good news because in five more days we’re going to take our country back.” 

Reynolds is touring Iowa, having completed 35 stops in the state already to drum up Republican voters before the midterms.  

“Just like tonight, the turnout has been phenomenal: the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion, the momentum — Iowans are sick and tired of what’s happening to this country and they’re not going to take it anymore,” Reynolds said. 

Reynolds criticized the Biden Administration, calling their policies a challenge “to common sense.”

“The ability of this administration to challenge common sense on a daily basis is mind-boggling to me,” Reynolds said. “Under this administration, we have seen reckless spending; families struggling to put food on the table and gas in the car.”