Sir Chloe plays on Pentacrest for UI Homecoming concert

Friday night, Sir Chloe brought together University of Iowa students and Iowa City locals alike to celebrate Halloween, Homecoming, and good music in a free concert on the Pentacrest, organized by SCOPE Productions.


Lillie Hawker

Singer and guitarist Dana Foote, a member of Sir Chloe, performs at a concert hosted by Scope Productions on the Old Capital lawn on Friday, Oct. 28, 2022.

Ariana Lessard, Assistant Arts Editor

Sir Chloe performed on the University of Iowa’s Pentacrest for this year’s free homecoming concert on Oct. 28. The event was hosted by UI student music organization, SCOPE Productions.

As the concert began, couples and college students gathered around the stage where Sir Chloe would soon play.

Much of the crowd came in costume, varying from multiple “Scooby Doo” groups to a lone McDonalds employee. A woman stood with a stuffed parrot strapped to her shoulder while a man in a onesie did cartwheels across the lawn.

Fog machines added to the creepy ambiance, as did the the shadows the stage cast on Schaeffer and Macbride Hall. In the dark, the Old Capitol’s windows remained pitch black while the stone was cast with the shadows of almost-human likenesses.

Singer-songwriter NoSo opened for Sir Chloe, sharing music from their debut album “Stay Proud of Me,” which released in July. NoSo specializes in indie-bedroom-pop with dreamy lyricism and announced many of their songs with quips and crowd interaction.

“My next song is about a white man named David,” NoSo announced before one song. “I notice on campus there’s a lot of white men walking around, so if you’re a white man, this one’s for you. If you’re a white man, give a little shout.”

As NoSo left the stage to cheers from the audience, the crowd prepped for Sir Chloe by throwing around balloons, keeping everyone energized.

Sir Chloe is an indie-rock group originally from Vermont, most famous for their single “Michelle,” combining lead singer Dana Foote’s vocals with ethereal backup instrumentals. Towards the beginning of the pandemic, “Michelle” was popularized on TikTok.

Though they did perform their biggest hit, they also played some of their lesser-known tracks, including “Late July.”

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“In late July I was so happy I could cry I can’t remember why,” Foote sang, her voice ringing out over the audience. With the band’s sound having so many layers, it was easy for much of the audience to close their eyes get carried away.

Foote wore a small black leather jacket, a t-shirt, and jeans. She utilized the stage, throwing her all into every lyric, while also jumping and whipping her hair to accent lines.  Her brown curly hair was cut in a bob matched by the four band members using wigs, except they all wore white button downs.

The band consisted of four members, including Dana Foote’s brother, Palmer Foote, on the drums. Paired with the earnestness with which Dana Foote sang, the instrumentals created a vulnerable and casual feeling from the band.

“I’ll settle down if it’s for one night only, I’ll settle down if you forgive me slowly, I’m making money for some company,” the lead singer passionately sang to a roaring audience.

Dana Foote concluded the concert by announcing that she just finished working on a new album.