One-on-one with Iowa left tackle Mason Richman

Daily Iowan Assistant Sports Editor Chris Werner chatted with Richman at a media availability session on Sept. 20.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa offensive lineman Mason Richman (78) hoists running back Kaleb Johnson (2) after Johnson scored a touchdown during a football game between Iowa and No. 4 Michigan at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. The Wolverines defeated the Hawkeyes, 27-14.

Chris Werner, Assistant Sports Editor

The Daily Iowan: So, every week we do like a fun segment with some questions that aren’t about next week’s game. Would you be down to do that?

Mason Richman: Sure.

DI: So, we’ll start with the hypothetical NCAA Football video game rating. I just asked Jack Campbell, and he wanted the lowest rating possible so he has a chip on his shoulder.

Richman: Expect nothing less from Jack … Let’s see, I think a low rating would be awesome because then you could also build your guy up over a four-year career. If you start at 99, like maybe [Tyler Linderbaum] might have been last year, might have been pretty hard to improve. As long as my face is in the game or my number, you know, that’s just the coolest thing I’d ever see in the world.

DI: What would your best attribute be in that game?

Richman: Oh, let’s see … I would hope my best attribute would be pass protection. I think I’m a little bit better at that than I am at run protection. Maybe agility compared to offensive linemen. I think I’m pretty agile, pretty fast, especially in this group we got going, we got a lot of big guys. Hopefully, I can be able to run around some other big guys and other teams.

DI: People always point to quarterbacks or wide receivers doing their thing, scoring touchdowns and such. Offensive lineman don’t usually get that kind of recognition. What’s the best feeling for an offensive lineman? Like, what’s your favorite play to make?

Richman: Oh, gosh, I think those long touchdowns are awesome, you know, one-play drives. It just ignites such an energy about you … But I’d go with, my favorite play is, probably the QB sneak for a first down. There’s nothing more demoralizing than when we come up and it’s just going to be on the first sound. Getting that first down, it’s just awesome.

DI: What’s your favorite part of Hawkeye game day?

Richman: Definitely the bus ride in. I’ve never seen anything like the streets. All the fans are lined up out there. I think, last week, it was the gold out. RVs, everyone’s packed in. I mean, my street I live on is always packed every time I go home, and my mom’s complaining “I don’t have anywhere to park.” Like, I can’t blame you. You know, we don’t live too far from the stadium. So, definitely going up there and on the bus is awesome for me.

DI: Who would you think is the best athlete on Iowa’s campus right now, any sport?

Richman: Let me think … I could be biased towards football, I mean, basketball-wise, you know, I’m gonna give a little credit, who’s the starting center for us or projected. Do you know? It’s not Garza anymore.

DI: Could be Filip Rebraca.

Richman: Okay, I’ll give it to him. I have a ton of respect for those guys. They are conditioned like … You saw them on the field the other day at the, I think it was the Iowa State game or the first game of the year. It’s just crazy to see those guys that big, who can move and even shoot threes. I can’t make a free throw, hardly a layup, and those guys are out there pulling up for three. So, it takes a lot of athleticism to play that sport, I’ll give it to them.

DI: And last question. A lot of people have a song they listen to when they’re really happy, like they have a go-to. Do you have a go-to song when you’re really sad?

Richman:  I mean, when I’m really sad I try to listen to something that will pump me up maybe a little bit. I like Rod Wave. Me and Jay Higgins, we bond over that. He’s got some good stuff out there. He’s got this song called “Me Vs. The World,” that’s a good one, I’ll give you that one.

DI: Is that what you listen to to get pumped up for games?

Richman: Oh, yeah, that too. Just any time of day. I mean, you’re sad, he’s gonna pick you up. If you’re pumped up, you got something to keep it steady.