Sophia Meador, Opinions Editor

Bringing a car to the University of Iowa campus is nothing short of a headache.

The UI campus is not equipped for vehicles. Anyone with a car on campus knows the nightmare of parking in Iowa City. Parking garages are sparse, street parking is limited, and parking enforcement officers are everywhere.

Fortunately, there are alternative modes of transportation on campus.

The Cambus and NiteRide services make getting around Iowa City easy. Considering the high price tag of tuition, you might as well get your money’s worth with Cambus trips.

The Iowa City Transit is another reliable mode of transportation. The bus can take you off campus to popular locations like the Coral Ridge and Sycamore malls at a low cost.

If you don’t want to rely solely on public transportation, biking is a great option. Many streets in Iowa City have bike lanes allowing for safe travel on two wheels. This alternative is not only cheaper, but it’s also the more environmentally friendly option. Plus, biking can also help you avoid the infamous freshmen 15.

Cars are also expensive. The average cost for one gallon of gas in Iowa is $3.45 — that’s more than I spend on food each day. You also easily rack up purchases by using campus lots and garages.

While a car is convenient, it is unnecessary. Cars are expensive and a pain to park. You are better off hitching rides from your friends with cars.

Save yourself the struggle, and leave your car at home.