Abby Gaugler, Opinions Contributor

Let’s be honest — a car is convenient to have as a student.

Whether it’s a day trip to Coral Ridge Mall or a weekend adventure across state lines, there is a world of sights and activities beyond Iowa City, many of which can’t be easily accessed by foot or public transportation.

In fall 2020, almost half of the freshman class admitted to the UI were out-of-state students. With a car, those students would be able to go home to see family, friends, and significant others at will. Those without cars usually only left Iowa City for holidays and breaks.

For those with kitchens or without meal plans, buying groceries can get expensive — especially inside the city. A car would give these students the ability to travel to a grocery store that doesn’t upcharge because of location.

Having access to a vehicle can expand your horizons for opportunities as well.

Every year, more than 7,000 students are employed through UI. However, settling for a low-paying on-campus job is not for everyone. A car gives students the ability to find employment or internships that fit their wants and needs outside of campus.

A car may be able to save you money in the long run, despite the cost of gas.

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