Country singer Kelsey Lamb to perform at Elray’s

Kelsey Lamb, a rising Nashville country singer who was a recent performer on NBC’s ‘American Song Contest,’ will share the stage with her husband at Elray’s Live & Dive this Friday and Saturday.



Sydney Hurley, Arts Reporter

Kelsey Lamb, the Nashville-based country singer who recently performed on the NBC series premiere of American Song Contest, will bring her Arkansas and Nashville sound to the stage at Elray’s this weekend.

Lamb represented her home state of Arkansas in the song contest, which got a standing ovation as well as compliments from Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg.

At Elray’s on May 13-14, she will sing cover songs, as well as a few originals. 

“I just got off of NBC is American Song Contest. So that is a huge accomplishment. A big accomplishment was opening for Kenny Rogers on his farewell tour,” Lamb said. “I put out a lot of music since I moved to Nashville and accumulated a couple million streams…that’s a huge accomplishment for me as an independent songwriter.” 

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Lamb gave some insight to her performance for the readers that she will be performing “Never Like This,” co-written by Carly Pearce, Parker Welling, and Casey Brown for the first time outside of the NBC American Song Contest

She will also be sharing the stage time with her husband, Taylor Goyette, who will also be performing. 

“We’ve been splitting cover gigs for probably three years now,” Lamb said. “When it comes to the longer gigs — and his side of the performance is definitely super high energy — a little bit more rock’n’roll meets country. A lot of really fun, original songs come from him too.” 

Goyette is originally from Fort Meyers, Florida, and met Kelsey five years ago while songwriting. Goyette said that Lamb needed a guitar player, so they quickly started splitting shows to pay the bills.

“I would say my style of music is more country-rock with a hint of drunk-on-the-beach, and my half of the set tends to be little but more high energy and in your face,” Goyette said.

Lamb and Goyette are new to Elray’s, but are excited to be back in Iowa to perform. Lamb said she doesn’t know what to expect from the crowd at Elray’s. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of really excited people on social media [saying] that they’re going to be there, and so I think it’ll be really cool,” Lamb said. “It’s not obviously not the first time I’ve played in Iowa, but it’s definitely the first time I played at Elray’s and in Iowa City, so it’ll be a different crowd than usual.” 

Bob Franklin, the owner of Elray’s, has high expectations for Lamb’s performance. He feels Lamb’s performance style is a perfect fit for Elray’s audience.

“Well, we do live music and she is fantastic. She’s Nashville-based and we bring up a lot of Nashville artists there, and she’s got a really good sound,” Franklin said.

Franklin feels that more people need to know about Lamb because of her talent and voice, which are similar to popular country female artists. Franklin also feels vocals are important in country music, which he said Lamb does a great job with.