USG President appoints four members to revitalized 2022-23 judicial branch

President Regan Smock appointed four members to the 2022-23 judicial branch on Tuesday.


Braden Ernst

An Undergraduate Student Government senator announces the four candidates who were appointed to the judicial branch on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

Anthony Neri, News Reporter

The University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government passed a bill appointing four new members to preside on the 2022-23 judicial branch on Tuesday.

The judicial branch will consist of a chief justice, a student election commissioner, an election commissioner deputy, and four general members.

The new members, who were appointed by USG President Regan Smock, include Dia Paudyal, Ella Perczynski, Benton Renaud, and Beth Tiggelaar.

Patrick Johnson, USG president-elect, will appoint three additional justices in the coming weeks.

USG currently has two students in judicial positions, despite listing in its constitution that at least seven are needed.

On Feb. 22, USG passed an amendment allowing Smock to appoint four of the seven members to the judicial branch before her term ends.

The amendment passed on Feb. 22 also aimed to expand the court’s role beyond handling grievances about parking tickets to allowing for “interpretation of the USG Constitution and Bylaws, and any amendments hereto.”