It’s far too early for Christmas music

Jenna Post, Arts Reporter

II don’t believe Christmas music should start playing until December, because playing it any time before is ruining it for everyone, including yourself.

Since I personally find Christmas music vomit-inducing, I don’t appreciate having to hear it every single time I go to the grocery store from the start of November through Christmas, but even people who do like Christmas music shouldn’t be spoiling the holiday by starting right after Halloween.

I already know there’s going to be someone out there who says that starting it that early builds anticipation, but that’s objectively wrong. What actually happens is that we all hear the same four songs covered by different artists everywhere we go. Then we get so used to it that’s nothing more than background noise that our brains don’t even register.

Also, it just seems culturally insensitive to only hype up Christmas in every public space imaginable, as if Christmas is the only winter holiday celebrated in this country. Where are my Hannukah bops? *I Have A Little Dreidel* slaps just as hard as Christmas music and you know it.

Additionally, the idea of watching a Christmas movie at any point in the year is absolute insanity. They’re so bad that I wouldn’t even touch them in December.

And as for why Christmas songs are only listened to during Christmas time: It’s because Christmas is an incredibly commercialized holiday.

Love songs persist all year because we love people all year, not just on Valentine’s Day. Christmas songs are only listened to during the Christmas season because the entire appeal of Christmas is that once a year, we all buy things for each other and get some time off.

Honestly, I think Christmas music might be a brainwashing tactic, because I see no reason to look forward to the coldest time of year unless I’m getting time off and free things. However, admitting that makes you sound shallow, according to these so-called Christmas lovers. Instead, they pretend that Christmas is all about mushy-feel good things to justify their love for the season.

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