A night of hazy fun at Gabe’s: Afroman puts on a show along with six opening acts

Gabe’s hosted seven rap artists on Saturday night, including King Lear & T-Griff, Strangers of Necessity, B., M.E.D., Wets, Jack Sueno, and Afroman.


Afroman performs at Gabe’s on October 19, 2019. (Raquele Decker/The Daily Iowan)

Ashley Dawson, Arts Reporter

When walking into Gabe’s, the ground and walls vibrated as music filled the air. Saturday night was no exception, where DJ Ambition kept the audience busy as they waited for the night’s headliner, Afroman.

As soon as the doors opened, a crowd began to build. The first opening act of the night hopped up on the stage at 8 p.m. in casual attire: jean jackets, black t-shirts, khakis, and chains around their necks. The energy of the crowd grew as the acts went on.

The next opening act, Strangers of Necessity, got up front following King Lear & T-Griff. Fooch the MC, member of Strangers of Necessity, represented Iowa City by wearing a black Hawkeye shirt and pulling open his jacket to reveal it. 

Iowa City’s WETS performs at the Afroman concert at Gabe’s on October 19, 2019. (Raquele Decker/The Daily Iowan)

“Everybody pump yo’ fists, get yo’ hands up just like this,” the rap duo chanted.

Following Strangers of Necessity, the DJ of the night, DJ Ambition, piped up to say “I got one rule tonight, and that’s to have a good… time!” 

The crowd went wild at this remark.

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The acts following included B., M.E.D., Wets, and Jack Sueno. The audience stayed pumped in the hazy venue as they awaited Afroman.

After two and a half hours of opening acts and DJ Ambition filling the spaces in between, Afroman finally made his appearance at 10:30 p.m., sporting a white suit with blue cannabis leaves, round sunglasses, rings, and gold chains dangling from around his neck. Afroman introduced himself, and began his set by dancing around on stage and singing to other artists’ songs, such as Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne to warm up. 

Afroman took off his suit jacket to reveal a vest of the same pattern and a blue button-up shirt.

With a beer bottle in one hand and a microphone in the other, Afroman led the crowd on an adventure of loud music, jumping, fist-pumping fun. 

“How many people out there play good music while they’re chillin’?” Afroman asked. The crowd responded with screams and jumping, and Afroman replied, “Well, I wrote a song just for that chill you get when you’re buzzing.” 

He strapped on his bass guitar and the music started again. Afroman played trippy riffs as the crowd swayed back and forth on their feet, lighters in the air, and bass thumping in their chests. 

As the concert went on, the energy stayed up and the crowd showed their appreciation for Afroman’s music by screaming, jumping, and having fun while the music blasted through the speakers.

Crowd members continued to trickle in all night, filling the floor from wall to wall. As Afroman jumped and sang on stage, the audience continued to jump with him. 

Some members of the crowd yelled things such as, “you the man” or “I love you” between songs, which seemed to make Afroman crack a smile each time.

Although this isn’t the first time that Gabe’s has hosted Afroman, fans seem to have lost no interest in his music and his vibe as the years have passed, and the Iowa City community has welcomed him time and time again.

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