.500 (10-10)

Tanner DesPlanque, Sports Reporter

Iowa basketball showed a promising start to the season when it went undefeated against nonconference teams. It seems as if Iowa’s kryptonite is playing against Big Ten opponents, especially on the road.

Like many, I figured Iowa’s losses would be against high-profile teams such as Wisconsin and Michigan State. Then the trend continued when the Hawkeyes lost two games on the road against unranked opponents in Minnesota and Purdue.

This made me scratch my head and start to ponder what the Hawkeyes’ problem is. I believe it’s a mix of their starters who are cold on offense and an inconsistent defense.

When you have three of your top shooters (Moss, Wieskamp, and Bohannon) only combine to score 10 points against a top team such as Michigan State, there is no way you can win against a high-scoring offense.

As for the defense, it has been up and down all season long. Iowa has shown amazing defensive skills at points in the season, but it has not shown that in the past few games. If the Hawkeyes had a better defensive scheme against Minnesota, that game would’ve been a “W” for Iowa.

If Iowa continues the trend it’s on, I think it will only break even in conference play and end with a conference record of 10-10.

The Hawkeyes have 10 more games, and they are split evenly between home and road games. Iowa has some ranked opponents coming into Carver, including Michigan and Maryland. Wins against these teams would help prove its worth and show that it’s back on track, playing solid basketball.

But Iowa also goes on the road, which has proven to be tough for it. It will face such teams as Ohio State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, which were all close games at Carver-Hawkeye. Not having the home-court advantage might lead to more losses in those contests.

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