Hands off my holiday celebration

Marina Jaimes, Opinion Columnist

Every year, at the end of Oct. 31, the Bah! Humbugs of the world despise the spirit of those that spread joy for all to hear. “You’re skipping Thanksgiving,” they say as a valid excuse to intrude on the personal decisions of those around them.

I wasn’t always an early celebrator. It wasn’t until I began playing piano that I became extra eager to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Sounds of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite filled my home as I prepared for numerous recitals and performances that needed to be perfected on or before Dec. 1. My household consequently got an early start to the holiday season.

As a family, we made the best out of the situation before us. Celebrating early allows us more Saturdays to watch more Christmas movies together, starting with Jingle All the Way (every year without fail). This does not mean we don’t enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. We find it possible to enjoy both simultaneously, but make the most out of the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I don’t question this early celebration. After all, why would I question looking forward to the holiday season? Shouldn’t everybody? Is a Turkey Trot really worth being excited for? Only to be followed by sitting around the living room with a full stomach? I do enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday but am not one to pretend that it is so grand that it can’t justifiably be overshadowed by Christmas.

We rejoice more time on tests, homework, time with friends, and sleep, but shame others for making more time to celebrate the holiday season at the end of Halloween?

Halloween has ended. Happy Holidays, everyone.