Iowans recall 1991 shooting on Twitter


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Olivia Sun, [email protected]

In response to Covering a Tragedy: The UI’s 1991 Shooting, Daily Iowan readers spoke out on Twitter, recalling their whereabouts during the attack and remembering loved ones.

‘My wife and I were on campus this tragic day. We will never forget it’, tweeted Brad Stovie.

Others like John Deeth remember the moments as they unfolded: ‘Not in this story but I was live on air at @IowaPublicRadio when shooting happened’.

Molly Walker, Cleary’s neighbor at the time, tweeted in remembrance of Cleary and her feline companions: ‘Thinking of her, a smile always comes to my face. Brilliant & kind-hearted. Siamese cats & party hats forever, dear.’

Iowa City resident Ethan Zierke recommended Jo Ann Beard’s “The Fourth State of Matter“, an essay published in The New Yorker. Beard was close friends with victim Christoph Goertz.

‘Memories of this day were still fresh for many in the newsroom. Nice job compiling them for this story’, tweeted Daily Iowan alumnus Steve Chamraz.

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