Halfway there


Dancers reach the halfway point of the 23rd Dance Marathon on February 4, 2017.(The Daily Iowan/file)

After a long and challenging 12 hours, dancers finally reached the halfway point at 7 a.m. Now, dancers reenergize themselves as they prepare to finish off the last 12 hours of the Big Event and reflect on the first half of Dance Marathon 23.

“The bottom half of my body feels [the first 12 hours], for sure but I’m not tired at all and it hasn’t hit my brain, which is important in order for me to make it through the next 12 hours,” Dancer Annie Korff said.

Though feet are sore and wariness has set in, the dancers continue on in honor of the kids.

“I’m kind of struggling. My feet are sore and I’m starting to lose my voice but I can feel that my second wind is going to kick in soon,” Dancer Madison Ruge said. “This is my first Dance Marathon and I have really just been trying to take in all the family stories and internalize what we are here for.”

The halfway mark of the Big Event is brought in by Bon Jovi’s Living on A Prayer. Energy is high as dancers jump around and sing along to the well-known lyrics at the top of their lungs.

“I’m doing great. I honestly feel like I just woke up and am ready to go. This has been a really good experience for me and I just love being here with my friends, doing something that is making a difference,” Dancer Emily Miller said.

There is much more in store for Dance Marathon 23 before the total fundraised amount is revealed, and dancers are eager to dance on.

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