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6 Non-Boring Books To Read This Summer

Travelling is mostly remembered for the flavour of our destination, new acquaintances, and exciting adventures. It’s great to add a good time on the plane to the treasury of memories. That is why we have selected books for you that will not be boring to read in any city in the world. Whether it’s your home or an island in the Bahamas.

“The Enchantment” by Danielle Steele

The novel by the world’s bestselling author takes you to Paris, where a passionate and enchanting love story begins. The reader finds himself on the verge of great changes in the relationship between Jean-Philippe and Valerie Dumas. He is a star in the financial world. She is the editor of a fashion magazine. Jean-Philippe is forced to leave Paris and his wife for a year for a new job, and soon one of Valerie’s clients begins to pay special attention to her.

And this is not all the romantic stories that intertwine in the City of Light, where a luxurious dinner ball takes place once a year.

“Our Souls at Night” by Kent Haruf

A fiction book that can be read in one gulp. Widow Eddie Moore unexpectedly invites her neighbor Louis Waters to spend the night with her so that they can talk. However, the decision of the elderly people to stay together causes opposing opinions among the people around them. Nevertheless, the couple defend their right to be happy to the end.

“Inga” by Scott Ferris

The publication will especially appeal to those who are interested in the details of the lives of famous people. Especially when the multifaceted and complicated biography of the main character guarantees a fascinating plot of the book.

Inga Arvad deserves no less attention than all the men behind her. She was an actress, journalist, Miss Denmark and John F. Kennedy’s “greatest love” who attracted the attention of the FBI for suspected espionage.

“The DNA of Personality” by David Brooks

The book by the famous American journalist reminds us of important ethical principles, spirituality, and morality, something that contemporaries often forget in the pursuit of innovation.

“The DNA of Personality shows how some people managed to pave the way for a strong character and become worthy individuals. Their stories help the reader to know themselves, to find spiritual harmony and happiness.

“Personality DNA gave me food for thought. It makes me think about what it means to live well.” – Bill Gates.

“The Spring of the Barbarians” by Jonas Lüscher

This funny and wise book has already been translated into 12 languages. The epicenter of the story is a wealthy Swiss businessman who finds himself in a Tunisian resort. He is accompanied by young Englishmen from the highest financial circles in London who have come to celebrate a luxurious wedding. But while the drunken company is sleeping off the festive night, the UK declares state bankruptcy. With their credit cards blocked, suddenly unemployed, and in a luxury hotel that became unaffordable in a flash, they find themselves one step away from barbarism.

“How to Govern Yourself” by Peter Drucker

With this pocket guide to self-improvement, you can spend your time on the plane with benefit. The book will help you develop the ability to listen to yourself, organize your work effectively, and identify your strengths.

Drucker’s book gives us the advice that is most important for success. Much more important than tons of self-help novels. We all need to take a step back, look in the mirror, and develop our own approach to managing ourselves.

“Hard Men” by Elizabeth Gilbert

In the world, most people know Elizabeth Gilbert as the author of the novels Eat, Pray, Love and City of Girls. However, it was with Hard Men that she made her debut.

This work depicts the life of two small islands that are at odds with each other for the right to catch lobsters in common waters. The area is unaffected by modernity or progress: men still have to earn a living and feed their families, and women have to do the housework. The author will tell the story of an eighteen-year-old girl, Ruth, who dreams of continuing her ancestors’ work and going fishing, but her parents recommend that she go to college, and the girl falls in love with a boy from a hostile island.

“Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak

The main character Ella Rubinstein does not feel happy in her marriage. She does housework and raises three children, and her life turns into a monotonous series of events. One day, she almost gets an opportunity to change her life: Ella gets a job at a publishing house. Her first task is to read a work by an unknown author who wrote about life in the Middle East in the thirteenth century. The wisdom of the scholar Rumi and his friend, Dervish Shams, described in the novel, turns Ella’s understanding of the very essence of life and love, which she has never known. And then Ella decides to find the author’s address and write him a letter.

Elif Shafak is one of the most popular Turkish authors. Her works have been translated into more than forty languages, and the writer can often be found at TED conferences as a speaker.

“The Looking Glass” by Carol Johnstone

We will see the world on the other side of the mirror. A world created by two sisters, Kat and Elle. This is the world in their own home, where pirate weapons, fictional clowns and witches are hidden.

When the girls become adults, Elle disappears. Kat sets out to find her, but she has to return to the childhood world in the house they grew up in. Someone leaves clues for her sister. It turns out that the world of childhood, toys and pleasant memories is a way to hide from real violence. Kat has to save her sister from the trouble that has already happened in their lives. To do this, the girl will have to face the memories that remained in the orphanage. Stephen King called The Looking Glass a “dark, cunning, and beautifully written” story.

“Blush” by Richard Kirschenbaum

Richard Kirschenbaum is not only an author but also a businessman who has worked in the beauty industry for many years. His debut fiction novel, Blush, is a tribute to all the women entrepreneurs he has worked with before.

The main characters of the book are three strong women, pioneers in the world of cosmetics: Josiah Herzenstein, a fugitive from Poland who creates a beauty empire and becomes the richest woman in the world; Constance Gardiner, her rival who invents door-to-door cosmetics sales, but whose deepest secret threatens everything; and CC Lopez, the first black woman millionaire. Each wants to become the queen of a beauty empire, and they are willing to do anything to achieve their goal.

“Blush is the story of the first successful women in business, the destruction of stereotypes and fierce competition. But it also has a place for love, sophistication and aesthetics of the 20th century.

But if you are not a fan of physical books and want to have everything with you, you can use the new service FictionMe which contains thousands of books for different tastes and views.

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