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10 Hacks to Get More Free Views on YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine, with people across the globe consuming different content. However, getting more views on YouTube can be frustrating, especially when starting. There are effective ways to help you gain 1000 free YouTube views. Dive in to find out the definition of Youtube views, how to get free views on YouTube, the benefits, and more.

What is a YouTube view?

A youtube view refers to the first 30 seconds someone watches your video or channel. Therefore anytime a viewer clicks on your video multiple times, each click is considered a view. This holds true regardless of the viewer’s choice of viewing on a desktop or mobile phone. It also applies to embedded content or videos shared across other social platforms.

The advantages of raising YouTube views

  • Quick monetization

With 1000 YouTube views and 4000 watch hours, you can apply for the ad Revenue. Thus increasing views make the journey towards monetization fast.

  • More subscribers

Viewers tend to subscribe more when videos have more views. Gaining 1000 free

YouTube views helps you get more subs that eventually become a dedicated audience.

  • More traffic

Many views give you a better ranking on YouTube. Therefore, when someone searches for content relating to the video, yours will rank among the top. This will help you easily get free YouTube views.

  • Higher Credibility

The more views, the more trustworthy your content will seem. Therefore, when someone watches your content, they will likely view more from you.

  • Spare time for marketing

You can advertise your material on other social media when you’re not spending time creating content and getting more free subscribers and views. You will have more time to delve into marketing strategies and promote your content, increasing its chances of gaining 1000 free views.

How to get more views on YouTube for free?

1. Find the ideal niche

Come up with a good marketing strategy that focuses on your target audience. With this, you can get more views that will help you reach the 1000 views mark for monetization. Stick to your niche and ensure you put out top-notch content to help you stand out. The major niches on YouTube include travel, beauty, cooking, gaming, and tech.

2. Use intriguing titles

A poorly detailed and vague title can cost a lot, making you lose click-through viewers. Develop a topic that will instantly draw viewers to your channel. For instance, a title like “Useful House hunting tips” is too broad; therefore, specifying a specific location would be better to reach the right audience.

3. Keyword optimization

Choosing the right keyword aids you in thinking from your viewer’s perspective. This is because you think of keywords they would use in searches and those with a higher rank on YouTube. You can even use tools that generate keywords to boost traffic. With the right keywords, your videos will be favored by the algorithm gaining you more free views.

4. Partner with other content creators

Teamwork makes the dream work with YouTube too. Find a Youtuber in the same niche you are in and collaborate on videos to earn more views. Working together helps gain free viewers and subs from each other.

5. Enable embedding on your videos

When viewers find your content interesting, they may want to share it with others on different social media platforms. Allowing viewers to embed your video on their blogs and sites is a powerful strategy for expanding your brand’s exposure and increasing YouTube views. They must hit the share button below the video and choose the media platform they want to share.

6. Incorporate tags

Tags show what the video entails helping YouTube grasp your content. It would be best to use keywords as tags and also add their synonyms as tags. Therefore, you will rank top in the YouTube algorithm when someone searches for something related to your content using similar words.

7. Make playlists

This is an easy and effective way to reach the 1000 views you need for monetization. With playlists, it will be difficult for a viewer to move to another channel since once a video ends, another starts immediately. Also, include keywords when making playlist titles to boost traffic.

8. Share videos across other social platforms

Anytime you post a new video, inform your followers through other social media platforms. You can use a link that redirects them to the video or make a short teaser for the video with the link. Even though some may only watch part of the video, the first 30 seconds they do is all that counts.

9. Utilize YouTube Analytics

With the aid of YouTube Analytics, you can track the success of your videos and better understand your viewers. Track what videos are doing well and make more similar videos to those ranking higher to get free YouTube views. You can also insert a suggested video card at that precise point if you analyze your statistics to see where audience retention begins to decline.

10. Make great thumbnails

Thumbnails give you a better click-through rate, thus helping to reach free YouTube views. Make sure your thumbnails are informative, contain three colors, one color background, and are attractive using custom designs. Alternatively, you can use tools online to make perfect thumbnails.

Free 500 YouTube views trial

In addition to the tips above, you can amp your views through sites that offer a free 500 YouTube views trial to new users. However, ensure your chosen site offers legit viewers to avoid YouTube penalties. Here’s how to get free views trial on YouTube using

  • Register your account.
  • Pay up the first replenishment to activate your account.
  • Claim your 500 free views.


Earning 1000 free YouTube views is advantageous for monetization, building credibility and subscribers, and boosting traffic. There are various ways to get more viewers, from having a great title to sharing on social media. All you have to do is find out what works best for you and make the necessary changes. A much faster way would be to claim your free views trial from Viewsta.

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