On the line | Daily Iowan football staff picks a slate of Week 10 college football games

The DI’s band of football experts picked five of this week’s top matchcips. Game selections and records will be released each week.


Gabby Drees

Iowa players celebrate after a touchdown during a football game between Iowa and Northwestern at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022. Iowa defeated Northwestern, 33-13.

DI Staff

Iowa @ Purdue

Austin Hanson, Pregame Editor (20-20): Purdue — The 11 a.m. gods have blessed us yet again.

Chloe Peterson, Sports Editor (26-14): Purdue — Charlie Jones is the new David Bell.

Chris Werner, Assistant Sports Editor (25-15): Iowa —  The reigning West champs are back, baby.

Isaac Goffin, Football Reporter (28-12): Purdue — The Charlie Jones game.

Michael Merrick, DITV Sports Director (27-13): Iowa — Charlie goes for 200 in a boilermaker loss.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (29-11): Purdue — A nice win for Iowa last week, but the Boilermakers always give the Hawkeyes fits.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (26-14): Iowa — Chuck Sizzle fizzles against Hawkeye defense.

Tennessee @ Georgia

Hanson: Georgia — Who on this panel is dumb enough to take Tennessee?

Peterson: Georgia — Tennessee is good, but it ain’t that good.

Werner: Tennessee — Hooker is cooking.

Goffin: Georgia — What would happen if Georgia’s defense faced Iowa’s offense?

Merrick: Tennessee — I don’t have enough faith in Stetson Bennett.

Bohnenkamp: Georgia — No. 1 is going to be a little better than No. 2.

Brummond: Georgia — Both teams will end up in the playoffs.

Alabama @ LSU

Hanson: Alabama — Picking SEC games is easy.

Peterson: Alabama — The Tigers have no chance.

Werner: Alabama — Leah Vann hasn’t entered the chat(she’s late).

Goffin: Alabama — Chris may want to visit the Heart of Dixie.

Merrick: Alabama — You don’t go far betting against ‘Bama.

Bohnenkamp: Alabama — Time for a November Tide comeback.

Brummond: Alabama — A tough day for the LSU fah-muh-lee.

Wake Forest @ North Carolina State

Hanson: North Carolina State — These might be the two worst teams in the AP Top 25.

Peterson: North Carolina State — I don’t know (or care) anything about these teams

Werner: Wake Forest — Sam has my heart, man.

Goffin: Wake Forest — Where Chris Paul used to hoop.

Merrick: North Carolina State — Demon Deacons can’t get it done.

Bohnenkamp: North Carolina State — A big ACC game, if there is such a thing.

Brummond: Wake Forest — There are not many things I know less about than ACC football.

South Dakota State @ Northern Iowa

Hanson: South Dakota State — Surprisingly, this isn’t the Jackrabbits’ first trip to Iowa this season.

Peterson: South Dakota State — The Jackrabbits should come back to IC, they could probably beat the Hawkeyes.

Werner: South Dakota State — Roll Rabbits.

Goffin: South Dakota State — Just another win under a dome for the Jackrabbits.

Merrick: South Dakota State — Please help Iowa look better.

Bohnenkamp: South Dakota State — Jackrabbits are too good.

Brummond: South Dakota State — A rare second trip to the state of Iowa ends better than the first.