Evan Weidl, Opinions Columnist

Evan: Yes

Living in dorms should be mandatory because it is the perfect balance between independence and security.

For freshmen, college seems like an entirely different planet. From eating in dining halls to navigating the campus to find their classes, these new experiences that help prepare students for the rest of their lives.

Living with a roommate and with many, many other people in the building makes making friends and building a new social life in an unfamiliar place very easy.

It is inevitable that some students will not like the experience of living in the dorms. However, in order to learn what you want to do with your life, you cannot just do things you know you like; you have to try some things you may not like.

Dorms also provide a comfortable transition to living in an apartment or house.

Having amenities such as meal plans and resident assistants help make living on your own more manageable, and gives students a chance to ease into living independently without having to deal with the stress of house/apartment hunting, leases, utilities, landlords, etc.

The benefits of living in a dorm are largely realized in hindsight. If you sign a lease your freshman year and find out just how stressful living in a house or apartment can be, or you are not exposed to the social benefits of a dorm, that is not a decision that can be undone.

Living in the dorms for first-year students is an easy choice for their personal growth, and for the good of their future at college.

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