Featured photos: Bartertown Toys and Collectibles

Larry Phan, Photojournalist

Where Silver Spider was once located in the Old Capitol Mall is now replaced with a new toy store; Bartertown Toys and Collectables.

The Ziengenhorn family owned shop recently opened up in December. Lincoln Ziengenhorn, the son of the owner, works at the shop as a cashier.

Ziengenhorn spoke about his father’s collection. “This entire store is just a third of what he has,” Ziengenhorn said. He described how his dad always wanted to open up a toy store and that it would’ve been a good way to get rid of his collection. “He’s always joking about how if he won the lottery he’d build a toy store and the outside would look like Castle Grayskull.” Castle Grayskull is a fictional castle in the “Masters of the Universe” franchise.

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