Adam Zabner announces campaign for Iowa House seat

Zabner was born and raised in Iowa City after his family immigrated from Venezuela.


Adam Zabner is seen with Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga. (Courtesy of Adam Zabner)

Natalie Dunlap, Politics Editor

Another young candidate has entered the race in Iowa House District 90. 

Adam Zabner, a 22-year-old Democratic activist from Iowa City, announced his legislative campaign on Wednesday. 

Andrew Dunn, fourth year political science student at the University of Iowa, launched his bid for the seat in September. Dunn is also running as a Democrat. 

Rep. Christina Bohannan, D-Iowa City, currently holds the seat, but is running for the U.S. Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, and won’t seek reelection. 

Zabner was born and raised in Iowa City after his family immigrated from Venezuela. He graduated from Iowa City High School in 2017, and then attended the University of Chicago to study neuroscience. 

“As a child of immigrants, I am a product of the state of Iowa delivering on the American promise to provide opportunity to people of every race, gender, religion, and creed,” Zabner wrote in a prepared statement. “This is a defining moment in our politics and state, it is a time where too many have forgotten that promise.”

According to a press release shared by the campaign, Zabner has worked and volunteered for Democrats including former senatorial candidate Theresa Greenfield, Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff, Pete Buttigieg, and President Joe Biden. 

“I am running because I believe that Iowa can lead on the biggest issues facing our country, but it requires empowering, retaining, and investing in our young people,” Zabner wrote. “It is time for a new generation of bold ideas and creative thinkers in Des Moines. We need representatives who will use their power to invest in our state’s future and move Iowa forward.”

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