One-on-one with Iowa linebacker Jestin Jacobs

Daily Iowan Sports Editor Austin Hanson talked to Jacobs at an Iowa football media availability session on Nov. 2.


Grace Smith

Iowa linebacker Jestin Jacbos attempts to block a pass by Illinois quarterback Brandon Peters during a football game between No. 17 Iowa and Illinois at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021. The Hawkeyes defeated the Illini 33-23 at the last home game of the season.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor

The Daily Iowan: We’ve been wondering this for a couple weeks since you’re a pretty hard hitter. If I was standing 20 yards away from you, unpadded, and you ran at me fully padded and hit me, would I live?

Jestin Jacobs: I’d say you’ve got a good chance to live. You might be a little injured. You might be feeling it in the morning or something, but I think you’ll be alive.

DI: Is that an opportunity you’d be excited to have or would you have a little mercy on me?

Jacobs: I would definitely have a little mercy. I don’t know if I can bring myself to just level somebody.

DI: So, we’ve been compiling a bit of a playlist this season. We’re putting together a list of songs Hawkeye football players listen to when they’re sad. Do you have a particular song you like to listen to when you’re sad?

Jacobs: I wouldn’t say I have a particular song I listen to when I’m sad. I do have a particular artist, though. I listen to Juice WRLD. When I’m feeling down a little bit, I listen to him.

DI: What’s your favorite Juice WRLD song?

Jacobs: Shoot. There’s a lot. There’s an unreleased one called DJ Khaled. I really like that one. That gets me going before games.

DI: Do you have a favorite restaurant here in town?

Jacobs: I kinda have little rotation. I go to Monica’s, Stella. And I mean, you can’t go wrong with Chipotle. I eat Chipotle all the time. Like, I eat Chipotle probably like three to four times a week. It’s so convenient. It’s something that just tastes good every time you get it.

DI: What’s your go-to order there?

Jacobs: I always get a bowl. White rice, black beans, half steak, half chicken, hot sauce, sour cream, and corn. It’s a nice, smooth bowl.

DI: We’ve been trying to figure out the difference between Iowa and Nebraska corn this year. What is it?

Jacobs: I don’t know. You’d have to ask somebody else on that. I’m not really educated in the corn field, obviously.

DI: If you had to pick one — black or gold?

Jacobs: I’d say black. Black goes with everything.

DI: Do you have a favorite Iowa football memory? I know you haven’t been here as long as some other guys.

Jacobs: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite particular memory. But I will say, just being in the locker room after a win, seeing everybody happy, just feeling everybody’s energy, I’d say those are the moments I’ll remember the most.

DI: Awesome, thank you. I appreciate it.

Jacobs: Yep.

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