On the Line | Daily Iowan football staff picks Week 13 games

DI staff members picked the No. 16 Iowa vs. Nebraska game, as well as four other contests from the 13th week of the season.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa defensive back Dane Belton cheers after a victory during a football game between No. 19 Iowa and Northwestern at Ryan Field in Evanston, Illinois, on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021. Belton intercepted two passes.The Hawkeyes defeated the Wildcats 17-12.

DI Staff

The Daily Iowan football staff picks five football games every week as part of our Pregame edition. Read how the staff picked the Iowa-Nebraska matchup — as well as four other contests from this week — below.

No. 16 Iowa vs. Nebraska

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (33-22): Iowa — There’s like a 90 percent chance Shudak kicks a game-winner.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (37-18): Iowa — Nebraska always finds a way to lose.

Chloe Peterson, Assistant Sports Editor (30-25): Iowa — The classic battle of the backup quarterbacks.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (29-26): Iowa — Iowa rooted for Nebraska last week. Never again.

Destinee Cook, DITV Sports Director (31-24): Iowa — I’m not confident in this choice but I’m going with it.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (35-20): Iowa — Hawkeyes love Black Friday games.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (38-17): Iowa — Nebraska fires chain gang after the game to keep Frost.

No. 14 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

Read: Wisconsin — Who hates Minnesota? Iowa hates Minnesota.

Hanson: Minnesota — I will manifest a Big Ten West title for Iowa with this pick.

Peterson: Wisconsin — With that, Iowa’s dreams are dashed forever.

Werner: Minnesota — This seems like a Big Ten West thing.

Cook: Wisconsin — I’m choosing Wisconsin but deep down I’m praying Minnesota wins.

Bohnenkamp: Wisconsin — Badgers clinch the West.

Brummond: Wisconsin — I would love to be wrong here.

No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 5 Michigan

Read: Ohio State — I was in sixth grade the last time Michigan beat Ohio State in football.

Hanson: Ohio State — Another top-10 blowout in the Big Ten East.

Peterson: Ohio State — Remember when we thought Ohio State was bad? Good times.

Werner: Ohio State — C.J. Stroud put up so many yards in the first quarter against MSU.

Cook: Ohio State — Go Blue but there’s no way Michigan wins.

Bohnenkamp: Ohio State — Buckeyes are a machine right now.

Brummond: Ohio State — The Game might not be much of one.

No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 Oklahoma State

Read: Oklahoma State — Can the Cowboys make a late playoff push?

Hanson: Oklahoma — The Sooners are still done, even if they lose this one.

Peterson: Oklahoma State — Yay, state rivalries!

Werner: Oklahoma State — I don’t know much about either team, but OU is disappointing.

Cook: Oklahoma State — Bedlam woo.

Bohnenkamp: Oklahoma State — Cowboys are the Bedlam winners.

Brummond: Oklahoma State — OK State’s loss to Iowa State gave me some pause.

No. 9 Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

Read: Mississippi State — Most entertaining coaching matchup of the year by far.

Hanson: Ole Miss — I guess I’ll take the elder Mississippi here?

Peterson: Ole Miss — Yay, state rivalries (in Mississippi)!!

Werner: Mississippi State — When in doubt, pick Mike Leach.

Cook: Ole Miss — Cheers to Egg Bowl week.

Bohnenkamp: Mississippi State — Cowbells and the Egg Bowl make for a fun Thanksgiving.

Brummond: Ole Miss — Iowa produces 11-times more eggs than Mississippi.