One-on-one with Iowa backup quarterback Alex Padilla

Daily Iowan sports reporter Chris Werner caught up with Padilla at Iowa Football Media Day in August.


Jerod Ringwald

Iowa quarterback Alex Padilla throws the football during “Kid’s Day at Kinnick” inside Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 14.

Chris Werner, Sports Reporter

Daily Iowan: First off, I just talked to Monte [Pottebaum] about it. Who is the best golfer on the team?

Alex Padilla: I’ve never played with him before, but I’ve heard Jamison Heinz is pretty good. I’ve played with Keith Duncan a lot, obviously not on the team anymore but he’s very good. Jack Johnson, who plays receiver, is very good. That’s a tough one, we’re going to have a golf outing to prove that one.

DI: I have heard that Tory Taylor hits it 350. I don’t know if that’s right. 

Padilla: Yeah, I’ve played with him many times before and that’s right.

DI: Really, but he’s not too good with the other clubs?

Padilla: He’s definitely a good player, he excels from the tees, but he’s working on the other parts of his game.

DI: What are you expecting this season in a backup role to Spencer [Petras], how are you approaching this mindset-wise? 

Padilla: I’m going to prepare every week like I’m the starter and be ready whenever my time comes. Because if it comes, I’m just going to be prepared to help the team wherever I can, whether that’s on the field or on the sideline.

DI: I would assume you and Spencer [Petras] have a really good relationship, what’s that been like?

Padilla: Yeah, Spencer and I are great friends, obviously I spend time with him more than anyone else on the team, so we’re great friends. We’re always pushing each other, supporting each other for success. We always want the best for each other. We have a great relationship.

DI: I know you said you’re prepared to help the team however they need it, but what specifically have you been working on this offseason?

Padilla: Just continuing my knowledge of the offense, continuing to progress in that direction. Getting the chemistry with the receivers, I’ve been working with them all offseason. I feel like we have a lot better chemistry this season than we had in previous years, that’s something we’ve been working on.

DI: And then talking about receivers. I’ve noticed Charlie Jones is pretty darn fast, obviously, out of the punt-returning backfield, he’s pretty dynamic. What about him as a receiver impresses you?

Padilla: He’s a tremendous route-runner — obviously very fast. He gets in and out of his breaks really fast and he has tremendous hands. He’s a great receiver.

DI: If you didn’t play quarterback, what position would you play?

Padilla: Oh gosh, if I was fast enough I’d probably play receiver. I’d love to play receiver.

DI: If you didn’t play football would you play another sport or what else would you do? 

Padilla: I would play baseball, I love baseball.

DI: What position and what’s the deal there?

Padilla: I played in high school a little bit. I’d probably play the outfield. I love baseball a lot, so I’d probably play baseball.

DI: What’s your favorite baseball team? Please don’t say the Cardinals.

Padilla: The Dodgers, my dad’s from L.A.

DI: And then, last question: Guilty pleasure song, food and TV show.

Padilla: Song? Probably anything by Tyler Childers, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him.

DI: Oh, I have.

Padilla: Food? Probably chicken wings. I don’t really have them very often.

DI: Do you go to BDubs?

Padilla: Every once in a while , I haven’t been in a long time.

DI: What are you getting on your chicken wings? 

Padilla: 20 wings, probably go chipotle barbeque, it’s like a dry rub, and half Asian Zing.

DI: OK, I like Asian Zing. I keep trying to get them to put one wing in the Carolina Reaper and they just won’t do it. 

Padilla: Oh yeah?

DI: Yeah. But I’m also not that into spicy food so I feel like I’d die. That’s a little bit too much. And then, T.V. show.

Padilla: T.V. show: Yellowstone.

DI: OK, I love that show. Season three just came out, season four?

Padilla: Season four is about to come out.

DI: Are you a big John Dutton fan?

Padilla: Rip’s my favorite character. Rip and Casey.

DI: Who was the guy that was in the rodeo?

Padilla: Jimmy. Jimmy’s awesome.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

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