The University of Iowa to continue in-person learning despite below zero windchill

Two out of three of Iowa’s public universities canceled in-person learning on Monday morning. The University of Iowa will resume classes as normal.


Ayrton Breckenridge

Several students are seen walking on the University of Iowa campus on Feb. 4 after a snowstorm rolled through earlier that day.

Sabine Martin, News Reporter

As snow covers roofs of Iowa City buildings and homes, the University of Iowa will continue in-person learning despite negative winter temperatures. 

The University Northern Iowa and Iowa State University canceled in-person classes on Monday morning because of extremely cold temperatures and windchill. 

Hayley Bruce, UI media relations manager said the UI monitors weather conditions extremely closely, and makes cancellation decisions based on the forecast specific to our area.

“Most of our courses are currently being offered online or in a blended format due to COVID,” Bruce said. “Individual instructors may use their best professional judgment in deciding whether to cancel or make alternative arrangements.”

UNI’s weather alert on its website said “face-to-face and hybrid classes at the University of Northern Iowa will either move virtual or be canceled, at the professor’s discretion.” 

Instructors at ISU can choose to teach online if their in-person class is canceled, an ISU News Service press release said. 

“Classes delivered online – including lectures, recitations, laboratories and studios – remain in session. Students should monitor email and Canvas for updates,” the release said. 

The UI communicated about the potentially hazardous weather and safety impacts in advance to allow for individuals and impacted units to plan accordingly and take necessary steps to support safety, Bruce said. 

On Feb. 14, a UI Hawk Alert was sent to the UI community with a warning students, faculty, and staff of low temperatures. The alert said that wind chill values are expected to fall to 30 degrees below zero or lower. 

“Please refrain from any unnecessary outdoor activities and wear protective clothing if you must venture outdoors. You can get frostbite in as little as 10-15 minutes on unprotected skin,” the UI alert said.  

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