Big Ten will not sell public tickets to football games this fall

Penn State VP for Intercollegiate Athletics Sandy Barbour said families of athletes or staff members may be allowed at games.


Shivansh Ahuja

Kinnick Stadium is seen fom the north end zone at Iowa Football Media Day on Friday, August 9, 2019.

Robert Read, Pregame Editor

A Big Ten football season will take place this fall, but as of now no fans will be allowed to attend.

Penn State’s Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Sandy Barbour said on the Big Ten Network Wednesday morning that, under the direction of the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors, there will be no public sale of tickets for 2020 Big Ten football games.

Barbour said the conference is looking into allowing family members of athletes and staff from the home and away teams into games.

“From the standpoint of the resolution that COPC approved we are not going to permit fans in general,” Barbour said. “We are looking to see what we can do on a campus-by-campus basis to accommodate the families of our student-athletes both home and away, as well as the families of staff. But as a conference, we’ve made a decision — no public sale of tickets.”

The Big Ten’s season will begin Oct. 23-24 and a full schedule will be released later this week. Teams will play eight regular season games and the Big Ten Championship Game will take place Dec. 19. The teams not competing in the title game will still play a ninth game the week of Dec. 19, matching up with a cross-divisional opponent based on standings.

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