Xtream Arena to serve as star attraction for Iowa corridor communities

Adaptable playing surfaces, suites, and locker rooms will enable Xtream Arena to host a variety of exciting events.


Shivansh Ahuja

The main floor is seen during Xtream Arena’s opening media tour in Coralville on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor

Just off of East Second Avenue in Coralville sits a new sports and entertainment complex that will bring Hawkeye sports to the Iowa River Landing.

Xtream Arena is a new 6,800-capacity venue, boasting multiple attachments from a recreation center to a retail store.

“It’s unbelievable, the ramifications this project will bring to the entire community,” Coralville Mayor John Lundell said Wednesday at the arena’s media day. “The entire Iowa City, Cedar Rapids corridor is going to benefit from this project. . . This is more than just an arena and a fieldhouse, it’s an incredible addition to the Iowa River Landing.”

Attached directly to main building is a 53,000-square-foot recreation facility, GreenState Family Fieldhouse. It features five multi-use courts for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and more. Once at full operating capacity, the fieldhouse will be open to the community.

A hotel will be another attachment once its construction is completed. that is currently under construction. An estimated 120 rooms will be available. Guests will all have key cards that give them direct access to the arena and fieldhouse.

In addition to all the amenities is Xtream Arena’s fan shop. The store will function as a regular retail outlet where shoppers can visit the store during business hours on non-event days, with direct access to the shop available on the outside of the arena.

Connected to the rear of the complex is a 25,000-square-foot space dedicated to an antique car museum and a Johnson County Historical Society museum.

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The arena itself is highlighted by a number of suites, the Gerdin Family Club Room, and a multi-function playing surface. The floor can be adapted for ice hockey, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and other activities.

A state-of-the-art locker room will be available for the main tenant, the Iowa volleyball team.

The complex’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide variety of shows such as concerts, sporting events, and dance competitions.

“The flexibility that we have here with Xtream Arena and the fieldhouse next door, allows us to hold two separate events [at once],” general manager Jack Ligon said. “You could have Iowa volleyball here, while at the same time you get to have a basketball tournament next door. We have the functionality of two separate buildings that can operate independently, but at the same time you can look to bring larger events in.

“A 6,600-capacity arena really provides that perfect size that we need,” Ligon said. “We’re excited to bring a wide variety of different events. As I mentioned, of course, the University of Iowa volleyball as their season gets up and running. We have a potential, future hockey team. So, we do have an ice arena that allows more flexibility for different types of shows.”

Josh Schamberger, Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau president, spoke on the proposition of professional ice hockey coming to eastern Iowa now with a suitable venue.

“We’ve pretty much already come to terms, it’s just the final lease details on a professional hockey franchise,” Schamberger said. “Everything’s been wrapped up, and it’s just a matter of, this person needs to make sure this person’s good, and we’re good to go. So, look for something major on [Sept. 17].”

Sept. 17 marks the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Xtream Arena. Its first major event is USA Wrestling’s 2020 Senior Nationals, which will be held Oct. 8 to 11.

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