New clubhouse creates opportunities for Finkbine Golf Course

The new Finkbine clubhouse creates a versatile space with the potential to host many types of events


Ryan Adams

This is them main entrance to Finkbine seen on Monday, February 24, 2020.

Jordan Winke, Sports Reporter

Since a new clubhouse was approved by the state Board of Regents in 2017, Finkbine Golf Course has undergone quite the transformation.

The newly renovated and renamed Nagle Family Clubhouse opened to the public in April. The 19,000-square foot facility features new amenities such as a bar, restaurant, outdoor patio area, and a conference room.

These upgrades make for a more versatile facility and the outdoor terrace provides more scenic views for patrons to enjoy. The restaurant addition expands the appeal of Finkbine to more than just golfers and creates a place for people to gather and socialize for Hawkeye events, regardless of the time of year.

Finkbine’s open restaurant layout, bar, and terrace could quickly turn it into the place to be on warm October Hawkeye football Saturdays. The new clubhouse also makes hosting larger golf events in the future a possibility.

“We have the space to hold larger events now,” said Jeff Moore, PGA Director of Golf at Finkbine. “The space provides a unique space to offer various amenities to different groups. We hope to host NCAA regional golf events and will provide us better space to hold state of Iowa golf championships.”

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In the original 5,400-square foot clubhouse, dining and refreshment options at Finkbine were limited to the Hawks Nest, a loft-style area above the clubhouse that seated about 25 people. The pavilion behind the 18th green was another option, but it was subject to the elements as it was not fully enclosed.

The course layout remains largely unchanged with the exception of the first and 10th holes being flipped.

Finkbine is no newcomer to hosting prestigious events. In the 1970s and 1980s, Finkbine hosted the Amana VIP tournament. The tournament was held the Monday following the U.S. Open and attracted both professional golfers and prominent entertainers.

Throughout the tournament’s 24-year lifetime, a mix of celebrities, athletes, and politicians such as Joe DiMaggio, President Gerald Ford, Lee Trevino, and Mike Ditka made their way to Iowa City to play in “The Masters of the Pro-Am’s”. Ticket sales would reach numbers as high as 20,000 and the event contributed to the University of Iowa’s athletic scholarship fund.

While seeing Tiger Woods stroll through Iowa City would be exciting, that isn’t the goal of the new renovations.

“We aren’t really set up to handle pro-type events,” Moore said. “We cater more toward college golf and state events that showcase the course and the new Nagle Family Clubhouse.”

These types of events were held at the old clubhouse, but with the new renovations, Finkbine offers a more comprehensive experience.

“We hope to continue to secure events like that and moving forward just as we did in our old clubhouse,” Moore said. “We just can offer more amenities than ever before and cater to groups on a much larger scale.”

The golf course, bar, and terrace are currently fully operational. The restaurant is set to open later this summer.

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