Pete Snyder continues tenure at UI Carver College of Medicine as associate dean

In continuation of his tenure at the University of Iowa as both professor and former Faculty Senate president, Pete Snyder was recently named a new Carver College of Medicine associate dean.


Ryan Adams

Then-Faculty Senate Past President Pete Snyder presents a draft of a free speech document during the Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 26.

Eleanor Hildebrandt, News Reporter

Internal-medicine Professor Pete Snyder, formerly a Faculty Senate president, became a new University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine associate dean for faculty affairs and development beginning March 1.

Snyder grew up in Cedar Rapids and received his M.D. from the UI. After venturing to Dallas for his residency, he returned to the UI for a post-doctoral research fellowship before becoming a professor.

The former Faculty Senate president said he is excited to continue serving faculty members in the medical college. Snyder added that he has felt a deep connection to the university for several years and cannot wait to continue helping it grow as an institution.

“I’ve never really felt like there was another place where I could do what I can do here,” he said. “This is a very welcoming and collaborative place … and the role of faculty in the College of Medicine has evolved over the last 10 to 15 years. Some faculty are very invested in research, and others are mostly invested in clinical care, and others in education. In spite of that, I will work to make all faculty members more successful here.”

UI internal and cardiovascular medicine Professor Donald Heistad, the Pomerantz family chair of cardiology, said he met Snyder when he was a first-year UI medical student. Heistad said it was clear even then that Snyder was talented and was going to be a remarkable cardiologist, especially when it came to his research.

“It was clear back then that he was uniquely talented, bright, empathic, and a thoughtful person,” he said. “Research was really key in Pete’s growth and he’s completed terrific research since he was a student. I have no doubt that Pete will do a great job because of his experience.”

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Heistad said he is certain Snyder will make a positive difference in his new position, especially because of his experience with representing faculty as the 2017-18 Faculty Senate president.

“This is a guy you can trust,” Heistad said. “When you meet him or when you go to him with a problem, he will listen and give you a thoughtful response. He will do what is right.”

UI internal-medicine Professor Michael Welsh was a mentor for Snyder. He said Snyder’s attention to all aspects of medicine has allowed him to continue learning throughout his career — something that will ensure he is successful as associate dean.

“He [has] progressed exceptionally well from student to faculty member,” Welsh said, the director of the Pappajohn Biomedical Institute. “He is an outstanding member of the faculty, an excellent physician, and a dedicated educator. He is a highly accomplished scientist…He is very committed to the University of Iowa and showcased his leadership skills while chairing the Faculty Senate.”

Welsh said Snyder’s past record will allow him to assist faculty members and find solutions to any challenge while he serves the College of Medicine.

“I think he will do a good job based on his past experiences,” he said. “There will be challenges, but I think he will take things seriously and do the best job possible. He has talent and humanistic qualities that will allow him to help faculty.”

Snyder said he was excited to begin a new adventure in his tenure at the UI and that he was enthusiastic to continue his career at a supportive and encouraging institution.

“I’m a born and raised Hawkeye,” Snyder said. “I feel a great deal of loyalty to this institution and I want it to be successful. In this role, as I have in all of my roles here, I will work tirelessly to ensure that happens. Specifically, I will be a strong advocate for the faculty to allow them and help them to be successful.”

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