Guest Opinion: Celebrate the power of giving

UI Center for Advancement President and CEO Lynette Marshall writes of the impact of Phil on campus.


Ryan Adams

One of the “Phil Was Here” signs is pictured inside Adler Journalism Building on April 1, 2019.

Each year, thousands of University of Iowa alums and friends give back to Iowa, and their donations help make our university a remarkable home for creativity, discovery, and innovation.

As president of the UI Center for Advancement, I have the privilege of helping connect UI donors with their passions. And when they make gifts, they’re doing more than just giving back — they’re changing the lives of those we serve.

That’s why, every year, we take time to celebrate philanthropy on campus. It’s important to recognize gifts — of all sizes — and the collective impact that all of our donors have on our beloved university. This week, I hope you will join us in celebrating the power of giving.

As you move through campus today, you’ll notice that many buildings are tagged in black and gold. This is our way of making philanthropy highly visible to everyone. If you see the “Phil Was Here” tag anywhere on campus, it means that private gifts have made a significant difference in that place, whether they helped build that facility or supported the people and programs housed within.

We are hosting a variety of events this week, and you can find more information about our celebration of all things Phil at

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating all things Phil.

Lynette Marshall

President and CEO 

UI Center for Advancement

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