‘Iowa City Police Log’ to become coffee-table book

For five years, Iowa City resident Chris Patton has curated social-media posts of the daily police log. Now, he’s turning his archive into a book.


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Katelyn Weisbrod, Managing Editor

“Iowa City Police Log,” a Twitter and Facebook account run by Chris Patton, announced Saturday that the comedic posts based on the Iowa City Police Department’s daily activity log will be turned into a coffee table book.

A tweet posted Saturday at 3:51 p.m. alluded that the account, which has been active since 2013, may be coming to its end.

An hour later, a series of tweets assured followers Patton’s work is not over, but taking a backseat as he begins work on a book with content from his five-year archive of tweets and Facebook posts.

The Twitter account, which has over 7,000 followers, will remain active. The Facebook account, which has over 15,000 likes, will be maintained by Patton’s friend.