Reader comments: Week of 12/3/17


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Olivia Sun, [email protected]

Daily Iowan online readers react to this week’s stories.

Video: The Black Angel (Brandon Paquin, Dylan Snodgrass), 12/5

“I remember my dad telling me that when he was a Sigma Chi pledge, at the U of I, his pledge class was sent on a scavenger hunt at the Oakland Cemetery and one of the clues they were given was to look under the wings of an angel,” wrote one reader. “Was probably this [statue].”

Point/Counterpoint: Conservative student organization denied at Wartburg (Marina Jaimes, Isabella Rosario), 12/4

“To deconstruct your race is to examine how your race has impacted/influences/shape your experience of the world,” wrote Joseph Stiefel. “Why is that controversial?”

War against ‘War on Christmas’ grinds on (Julie Shanahan), 11/30

“What imaginary war on Christmas did I miss? How many people were injured or killed?” commented a user.

Another replied to Tinsley Jr., writing, “…the correct and right thing to do when one is greeted with “Merry Christmas” is to say THANK YOU. Period.”

Column: Have a merry tax cut (Beau Elliot), 12/5

“And letting people keep more of their earned money is a bad thing? Hmm.”

Column: Trump must reject cronyism in consumer-agency fight (Lucee Laursen), 12/4

Photos: Iowa men’s basketball vs. Penn State (Joseph Cress), 12/2

One user caught a photo from a recent game against Penn State. “You got the Cook dunk. Nice. Loved the reaction of the PSU player he dunked over.”

Column: Ernst hopes to make lasting changes to congress (Marina Jaimes), 11/29

@TacoTownIsTaken tweeted at Senator Joni Ernst: “You voted to add more than a trillion dollars to the deficit. Will your amendment even cover the cost of your colleagues’ new private school deduction, also made possible here? You’ll campaign on this legislation, and I hope my fellow Iowans will see it for what it is.” – @TacoTownIsTaken

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