In Their Own Words: Students respond to local gun violence

In August, a deadly shooting on the Ped Mall shocked hundreds of students gathered downtown. Over this past weekend, a Hawk Alert was sent out reporting shots fired near campus. We asked students, “In light of two shootings near the University of Iowa this year, how worried are you about gun violence?”


The Daily Iowan; Photos by Josep

Police respond to a call of shots fired on the Pedestrian Mall on Aug. 27, 2017. No University of Iowa students were wounded in in the incident. One of the shooting victims died, and Lamar Wilson has been charged with first-degree murder. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

Annalise Castro


“You don’t really think it’s something that will affect us in a relatively small town in Iowa, but the last shooting that just happened on the corner of College and Linn. We live on the corner of that street, so yes I am worried about it.”

Allison Clements


“It has not happened in the past four years, and it has now happened twice within one semester, once downtown and once near downtown, but I do say that the response time of the university, whether it be through university police or Iowa City police, has been good.”

Derek Brown


“I’ve never felt unsafe on the campus, and I’ve never had to think too much about it. But it does surprise me that it has happened, and I think because it’s happened that it’s something that we should think about a little more and have to look at that, because we want to keep our campus safe.”

Greer Simpson


“I am personally very worried about gun violence, especially in Iowa City just because although it is a small college campus in a small city, there hasn’t been gun violence in the last four years that I’ve been here. Especially because it’s all been within 20, 30 steps of my apartment, which worries me, and it’s been a recurring thing.”

Alysen Suarez


“I’m really scared about this gun violence thing,  just because if it can happen here in such a small town, it can happen anywhere, and I’m from a small suburb of Chicago. So you never know, that if it can happen here, it can happen there, too.”

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