How to vote for the people representing you in Iowa City

Five candidates are on the ballot for City Council.


Joseph Cress

Iowa City City Hall is seen on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

It’s time to choose your city councilors.

Decisions made by the Iowa City City Council have an impact on the student and the general community. The council makes decisions affecting rent prices, zoning for downtown businesses, alcohol ordinances, and much more.

This election day, five candidates are on the ballot for the Iowa City City Council, including two incumbents and three newcomers.

There are openings for two at-large seats and one seat in District B.

For District B, the candidates are incumbent Susan Mims and UI student Ryan Hall.

Incumbent Kingsley Botchway, Center for Workers Justice coordinator Mazahir Salih, and Iowa City Nighttime Mayor Angela Winnike will vie for the two at-large seats.

To register to vote, you can either go to your polling place or simply register online.

If you don’t know where your polling place is, you can search your address on the Johnson County auditor’s website and find out where you need to be to cast your ballot.

To register at the site, you will need an ID and proof of residency, which can be a utility bill, bank statement, or any document with your name and current address on it.


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At-Large seats (2)

District B (1)

  • Ryan Hall
  • Susan Mims
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