Highlights from Kirk Ferentz’s presser — 10/18


Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz gets interviewed after the Iowa-Illinois State game in Kinnick on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015. The Hawkeyes defeated the Redbirds, 31-14. (The Daily Iowan/Margaret Kispert)

Each Tuesday, Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz meets with the media. Here are the highlights.

  • Kirk jokes a bit about TE depth, as Dallas Clark is being honored this week, will join the ANF wall of honor.
  • Injuries — “no one has been ruled out.” But it’s also one of those things where this will be day-by-day.
  • Wisconsin: “Tough to play in Madison, tough to play in Kinnick.”
  • Ferentz said when he was in the NFL, the only college football teams he paid attention to were Iowa, Wisconsin and Kansas State. He has deep connections to Barry Alvarez and Bill Snyder.
  • Ferentz got a question on depth chart being antiquated, took a couple seconds to respond. Says that most people do them, then turned the answer more towards how this week the depth chart isn’t going to mean a ton for Iowa. Lots of injuries.
  • “Polls don’t always make sense.” Wisconsin has two losses, still remain in the top 10. Very likely deserve to be there.
  • Decent chance for Cole Croston to play.
  • Who knows if offensive lineman Boone Myers will play.
  • Who knows if tight end George Kittle will play.
  • None of these injuries are long-term things, but still, a bad week for them to all happen at once. The big one is Kittle. If he can’t play, Iowa loses a huge (literally) run blocker and one of Beathard’s most reliable targets. Not good.
  • Jack Hockaday would come in for Bo Bower at LB right now. Aaron Mends is a long, long ways down on the depth chart. Ferentz says he hopes to get some more clarity “during bye week.”
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