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It comes in stages: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, acceptance (of that grade). Finals week is upon us. There will be poisons of choice (caffeine), there will be stacks on stacks (final papers), and there will be the stages listed above, though they may come in waves and in varying degrees (while we work on earning ours).

Thankfully, there is an expanse of music abound, willing to fill your head with lyrics and sound rather than the facts you should be accumulating. What’s better than a neat list to help you organize at least one aspect of those long hours at the library? Here’s what to listen to while studying.


Peaceful Piano and/or Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks (On Spotify)

Though starting out an album list with a pre-made playlist almost seems blasphemous, these are worth it. Classical new releases is the modern world of classical music and performances. There are operatic voices and heavenly orchestras to keep the mind moving. If the strings get to be too much, and for those who cannot study with any words in their head besides their own, Peaceful Piano does just as the name suggests. They are different and the same — it’s all about preference.


All We Need (Raury)

While poring over a book you have lustful dreams of selling, Raury’s mellow acoustic tones and soft rap will ease whatever underlying tensions are radiating through the library. “Crystal Express” and “Devil’s Whisper” make it nearly impossible to hold the late nights, stress eating, and headaches against professors … nearly.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack (Various Artists)

Normally, warnings should be heeded to keep anything to do with those Twilight-addled years at arms’ length. However, in the case of the soundtracks, the franchise got it right, and final exams call for a lot of exceptions. There is enough teenage angst and high-school effervescence to counteract the sullen content. Despite the overall gloominess reminiscent of the film, the soundtrack tends to momentarily eclipse (too far?) any lingering depressions with its sporadic bursts of energetic tracks like “Ours” by The Bravery or “Chop and Change” by the Black Keys.


Wanted On Voyage (George Ezra)

Much like the aforementioned Raury album, George Ezra’s voice melts worries and leaves behind a positive outlook on the situation (even if the only thing you’ve finished in the past three hours is an entire bag of Cheddar Chex Mix). His low, acoustic serenades about love and life abroad make the listener hell-bent on getting to whatever place he’s at — and getting through finals is the way to do it.


ANTI (Rihanna)

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