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Iowa school-funding proposal should be increased

How can Iowa students (elementary, high school, college) succeed and represent the Iowa community when funds are unavailable and not accessible. Why should students in the Iowa area suffer because of a lack of educational benefits courtesy of Iowa lawmakers? Coming from high school, because I didn’t have other programs to prepare me for college, I had to learn from scratch, and if more funds were put toward transitioning to college, many students will have a sense of achieving instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Most schools across Iowa don’t have the resources or funding because of location, rural areas, and expenses, which I find mindboggling, because the state can produce proposals for topics that doesn’t affect the state internally; this particular topic does, internally and externally. Meaning that more jobs will be created and instead of leaving the state, fellow Iowans can share what they learned and encourage other students who still reside in Iowa to open businesses locally.

A 2 percent increase is not enough to cover educational programs across the state or even a higher pay for teachers. Schools have been significantly underfunded; Iowa, while dealing with increased costs of doing business, will more likely lead to the number of teaching positions being reduced, and programs that are already reduced dwindle to nothing.

The rhetoric that legislators propose is absurd and needs to be addressed, because words such as “World Class School” are used. The state is asking for leaders to provide a “Cadillac” education on a “Yugo” budget. I believe that our teachers and educational leaders need to be compensated for their hard work and tremendous time trying to teach. Please increase the proposed funding, because children are the future and education is essential.

Warnell Wright



Vote for Amy Nielsen

When I heard that Sally Stutsman would not run for re-election, I wondered who could follow in her footsteps to represent the rural and urban citizens of House District 77. I soon learned that North Liberty Mayor Amy Nielsen had announced her candidacy. I have observed Amy’s skilled interaction with other elected officials. I appreciate her progressive ideas, work ethic, and passion to help make life better for all.

Amy has served well as mayor, and, if elected, she will effectively serve the citizens of House District 77 and the state.

Vote for Amy Nielsen in the Democratic primary on June 7.

Bob Welsh



Vote Heiden, Hogg

Now that early voting has begun for the June 7 primary, it’s time for us to make up our minds.

It’s difficult to make a poor choice in the county-supervisor contest; there are several qualified people running. The first of my three allowed votes is going to Pat Heiden — I tend to favor people who are in danger of being the smartest in the room. Being raised on a farm (and keeping up with rural issues), she also has ag credentials that will help replace what will be lost when Pat Harney exits.

In the other contested Democratic race (for U.S. senator), Rob Hogg also meets my intelligence requirements and has unparalleled environmental credentials during his work in the Iowa Legislature. Sen. Chuck Grassley had a great run (and I didn’t used to feel this way), but we can do better.

Dave Parsons


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