Tonight’s the night: Who to follow


It’s Feb. 1, and everyone in Iowa knows what that means. The Daily Iowan has reporters stationed throughout Johnson County and Des Moines covering tonight’s caucuses. Here’s who to follow to stay updated on the first-in-the-nation event:

Twitter list

The Daily Iowan

Stay in touch with us on Twitter @TheDailyIowan for comprehensive breaking news and analysis.

Daily Iowan Politics

Our politics reporters are in Des Moines, while our politics editor is in Iowa City to help direct coverage. Be sure to follow them on Twitter:


Editor-in-chief Stacey Murray (@StaceyJoMurray) and managing editor Danny Payne (@dannyapayne) will be managing the overall production in the newsroom.

Convergence editor Grace Pateras (@gracepateras) will be producing video from around Iowa City and post it online. Metro editors Bill Cooney (@bcooney4), Anis Shakirah Mohd Muslimin (@anismuslimin), and Cindy Garcia (@cindygarcia__) will join convergence editor Chris Higgins (@chris_higgins_) in coalescing reporters’ info into stories and social media updates.

Metro writers Tom Ackerman (@Tom_AckermanDI) and Katelyn Weisbrod (@katelyn_eliz) will be in the newsroom gathering reactions from the College Republicans and Democrats, respectively.

Several reporters are placed throughout the area to cover local caucuses:

  • Justus Flair (@justus_flair) – Celebration Farms – Democrats
  • KayLynn Harris (@_KaylynnLHarris) – Mann Elementary School – Republicans
  • Gage Miskimen (@GageMisky) – Pomerantz Center – Democrats
  • Beau Bowman (@beauknows2) – Iowa City Public Library – Democrats
  • Macey Spensley (@maceyjann) – MacBride Hall – Democrats
  • Savannah Guyer (@savannahmguyer) – Petersen Hall – Republicans
  • Kaylyn Kluck (@KaylynKluck) – IMU – Republicans
  • Benjamin Poss (@posstasauce) – Robert A. Lee Rec Center – Republican
  • Rachele Petit (@rahhhcroix) – City High – Democrats


Opinions reporters are live blogging here.

Daily Iowan TV

DITV will be live at 10 p.m. out of Des Moines and Iowa City on Channel 17.




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