Botchway appointed to ICCSD position


Kinglsey Botchway, the new director of equity and staffing, hopes to use his new role to focus on positive changes in the School District and community.

At present, Botchway said, he’s trying to finish up his job with the Johnson County Auditor’s Office before he officially begins his new position on Dec. 2.

His new role is going to involve working on equity throughout the School District, specifically with staffing.

“Being a role in equity, we’re pretty involved in working with the comprehensive workforce,” Botchway said. “A lot of my job is going to be talking with the community. [I hope to find] new creative and innovative ways to recruit teachers from a diverse background.”

Steve Murley, the superintendent of the School District, said the School Board is very pleased Botchway will join the district’s administrative team.

Murley said Botchway filling the role of the director of equity and staffing not only brings a rich mix of experience and community involvement to the position but also provides the Human Resources Office with the opportunity to move forward with several key initiatives.

“One of [the key initiatives] is the Diversity Staffing Plan,” Murley said. “[It] sets goals for increasing minority staffing to 15 percent in each of three categories including administrators, teachers, and support staff over the next five years.”

Botchway will make $111,500 in the position.

“Iowa City is becoming more and more diverse, and to be on the forefront of that change is exciting,” Botchway said. 

In the future, Botchway said, he hopes to continue to meet with school officials to see what their vision for the School District is.

He also hopes to hear what direction they hope to take and do what he can to help push them toward that direction.

“I come with a very hard work ethic,” Botchway said. “[I’m] willing to push the envelope and look into new ideas, new programs, and be creative as possible to get the job done.”

The School Board has noticed Botchway’s creativity.

“The board did encourage and lend support for the district to work with the creative corridor,” board member Tuyet Durau said.

The creative corridor, a project in Iowa, aims to connect, celebrate, and support those who “dream big and push boundaries.” 

“One of our goals in that partnership is to have our faculty and staff reflect our community,” Durau said. “The administration recommended him, and they felt he is qualified to take the position and grow into what the administration hopes it will become.”

Botchway said he is eager to begin the work.

“This is definitely a dream job for me,” Botchway said. “It’s a job that I’m really excited about getting into.”

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