Officials monitoring floodwaters


The 12-foot gray barriers will continue protecting the University of Iowa’s Mayflower Hall until the river level returns to normal.

The Army Corps of Engineers officials expect the Coralville Reservoir level to peak today at 708.20 feet, and they believe the water level will gradually decrease in the coming weeks. In 2008 and in 1993, water went over the Reservoir’s emergency spillway, which is 712 feet, and resulted in severe flooding.

University flood-protection measures will continue, which include Art Building West and Mayflower being closed. Cambus services to Mayflower are also still suspended.

Local officials will remain in monitoring mode after the Reservoir water level starts to drop.

As of Monday, the Reservoir has had an inflow rate of 24,000 cubic feet per seconds and an outflow of 18,000 cubic feet per seconds. The outflow will be the same until at least July 14, and then, the Corps of Engineers will slowly reduce it.

Although there was rain Sunday evening, it did not affect the Iowa River Basin. Today, Wednesday, and Thursday are expected to remain dry, and the next chance of thunderstorms complex moving into the area is around midnight Thursday.

The Iowa River in Iowa City was 2.64 feet above the flood stage as of 10 p.m. Monday.

Johnson County officials have also continued to prohibit boating and swimming on the Iowa River, as well as in all creeks, streams, and flooded areas south of Coralville Dam, until water levels become safer.

However, water activities are permitted at the Reservoir and Lake Macbride.

Despite being in monitoring mode, several roads are still under a mandatory evacuation.

The roads under a mandatory evacuation include Cou Falls Bridge on Amana Road, Izaak WaltonRoad S.E., Camino Del Rio S.E., Driftwood Lane S.E., Ocean Boulevard S.E., River Front Estates N.E., 6979 and 6951 Tri County Bridge Road, Lola Lane S.E., Sand Road South of 560th Street to Highway 22, Winter Eagle Road S.E., River Bend Road S.E., and Fountain Court S.E.

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