IMU hosts activities for Finals Week


Silence fell in the IMU Sunporch as students left the world of fluorescent lights to a room bordered with twinkling ones. With finals starting this week, students are looking for any way to relax.

“Obviously, it’s finals week, and in addition to the snacks and massages, this is another way to de-stress,” said Emily Gehrke, a yoga instructor in the University of Iowa Recreational Services. “To just breathe and meditate and just come in and leave here starting fresh.”

Yoga is just one of the many new events being offered to students this week by the UI Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. A variety of events, including breakfasts and massage chairs, will be offered.

Free popcorn and coffee are also available to students.

“This is the first time I’ve studied here, and it’s nice to give students free food,” UI senior Lana Godlewski said. “The popcorn was good, but I don’t know if it was beneficial to my studying.”

The UI Student Government partnered with the center to start off the week with a pancake breakfast.

“The biggest thing [we’re sponsoring] is the finals breakfast,” said UISG President Katherine Valde. “The ‘Pancake Man’ will be flipping pancakes for as many students that come.”

Roughly $1,000 is being allocated to the Flippin’ into Finals Breakfast; the total expenses will not be determined until after the event today.

Valde said UISG is working closely with Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, because they are both housed in the IMU.

“We do a lot of work with [the center], and our partnership is strong,” Valde said. “Students have loved the Learning Commons, but we want people to remember to come to the IMU, especially when the library gets filled so quickly.”

With the IMU’s being open for 24 hours, most students find this beneficial and convenient for studying.

“I usually come [to the IMU] because it’s open 24 hours, and there is access to computers,” UI senior Jeff Doe said. “It’s convenient; there’s a full store here.”

Some students believe the IMU is a less stressful environment because the different activities available to students.

“I like to study here because there’s a lot going on, and plus I like a little background noise when I study, plus I like seeing people — it’s a nice break,” UI sophomore John Stables said. “Some people might have early finals, so it’s helpful to have the breakfast, and if they’re studying late, there are massages.”

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