UI Honors Program to change requirements


Beginning in the 2013-14 academic year, the University of Iowa’s Honors Program will enact sweeping changes in its student requirements.

The UI Faculty Senate heard a presentation on the matter during its meeting Tuesday; the Provost’s Office approved the changes Sept. 6.

The current requirements only ask students to maintain a 3.33 GPA. Next year, though, students will need to fulfill three new requirements.  These stipulations apply to all students in the program, regardless of when they entered the program. 

Students entering the Honors Program must accept a formal invitation into the program and attend an orientation. The director of the Honors Program, Art Spisak, believes this will cut the numbers of Honors students in half. Currently, there are approximately 6,500 students in the program.

The second change requires students to take a minimum of 12 semester hours of Honors courses, and they must be completed within four semesters of first registration as an Honors student.

The third change allows for more flexibility, emphasizing an idea of “learning by doing.” Students can take a combination Honors coursework and experiential learning work or fulfill the requirement through just experiential learning. For example, students can combine internship work with further Honors coursework or study abroad for two semesters. They can also earn honors in their major.

— by Brianna Jett

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