April 28, 2020

Schott and Wirfs took very different paths to start for Iowa.

Wirfs was a highly sought-after recruit and became the first true freshman to start at offensive tackle in the Ferentz era. Schott didn’t have that kind of interest.

Despite the varying circumstances, the two heavyweights upfront for the Iowa offense share something besides their position group: a very close friendship.

“That’s my buddy,” Wirfs said. “That’s my roommate.”

Schott and Wirfs spend plenty of time together being that they both play offensive line. Chances are, however, the two will be side-by-side even when they aren’t on the football field.

“We live together,” Schott said. “We pretty much go everywhere together. We are always playing video games or watching film together.”

The togetherness carried over to their summer employment.

“We didn’t want to be bored so we just got a job together,” Schott said. “We worked for the [Iowa Memorial Union], worked at the warehouse. We were moving boxes, sending orders out. It wasn’t too bad.”

Both on and off the field, Wirfs appreciates Schott’s work.

“He comes to practice every day, he’s kind of like a little bug,” Wirfs said. “He just chugs along and chugs along, and all of a sudden, it’s spring ball and he’s coming out of nowhere. He’s getting reps with the ones and then in camp he gets more reps with the ones and now you see him playing. It’s exciting. I’m really excited to get to play next to him as my roommate.”

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