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Point/Counterpoint: Is the spring or fall semester better?

Two columnists discuss whether they prefer the spring or fall semester.

January 30, 2019

Spring is supreme


We have endured the winter. Flowers are finally blooming, temperatures are rising, and many students are almost graduated. Spring semester is when the weather gets better, not worse. It goes by quickly, and there are better breaks.

Spring semester is a metaphor to seeing light at the end of a tunnel. The light being a three-month-long break that could include working (and by working, I mean not being broke) or taking on a new adventure such as traveling or an internship.

As someone who lives for the summer and sunshine, the spring semester keeps me motivated because I know that spring break is my halfway point and summer is at the end. Exciting endings keep me driven while also thriving in pursuit of my goals.

During the fall, I know that a break comes where I will have just a month off and be indoors as the weather in Iowa is still brutal. In addition, Thanksgiving break is placed weirdly toward the end of the semester, when we students long for a break many weeks prior. Finals are around the corner during Thanksgiving break and instead of relaxing, many students stress out.

On the other hand, spring semester has a perfect break in the middle of the semester with a long break at the end. Moreover, I feel that my focus is more intact during the spring because weekends are not consumed with Hawkeye football and fall festivities. While I love both, school, work, and maintaining a routine come first. Spring semester, I am ready for you.

Fall is fantastic


As we’re really starting to get into the spring semester of the 2018-19 school year, I think we should take a look at the age-old question: Is the fall semester or spring semester better? Well, I hate to break it to you, students and faculty, but the fall semester is so much better.

First, let’s look purely at the university’s environment. While I myself prefer spring weather, it can’t be denied that the beauty of campus shines from August to October, when the trees are full with leaves, and those leaves begin to change color. Plus, it starts off warm enough to really enjoy being outside, though it can be a tad overbearing when the heat gets sweltering.

However, that warm weather has nothing on the freezing weather of Iowa’s spring semester. According to the Weather Channel, quoting NOAA, major Midwestern cities experience their coldest yearlong temperatures in January. What a welcome back. As we are experiencing those times right now, I very much miss those warm fall temperatures.

Last, the fall semester is much better for this reason: There are so many new people. To all of the freshmen and/or transfer students, or even nontraditional students, coming to campus in the fall is an amazing experience. It provides an opportunity to form new relationships that they likely wouldn’t be able to form anywhere else.

So, while you’re sitting in your room, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot cocoa, just remember one thing: Fall is coming.

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