Point-counterpoint: Do you prefer a beach or snowy vacation for winter break?

Two columnists discuss their preferences in destination for winter break vacations.

December 12, 2018

The magic of the beach can’t be beat


Lets go to the beach!

When I construct my idea of a vacation, three aspects come to mind: sunshine, warmth, and water. Those allow me to relax, appreciate the moment, boost my vitamin D levels and my serotonin levels. For this, if I choose to vacation, it will always be at the beach.

There is a reason Iowans are excited about summer. No shoveling the driveway, no slipping on ice, and no more waiting for your car to warm up. While there are indeed no beaches in Iowa, it’s frequently agreed upon that the sunshine fosters a sense of happiness and relaxation. Sunshine with warm temperatures allows for even more vacation bliss.

Standing on a beach or swimming in the ocean allows one to appreciate the grand Earth and its vastness while soaking in the sweet sunshine. The calming sound of the water makes for a perfect opportunity to read a book, reflect on life, or consciously emulate more gratitude.

A beach symbolizes relaxation, which is the purpose of a vacation. To be certain, there are also great adventures to take on at the beach. You can explore the ocean, play with the sand, soak in the sun, or indulge at a restaurant in a cute nearby beach town.

The calming sound of the ocean combined with sunshine, relaxation, and tremendous views will always lead me to choose a beach vacation over any cold or snow vacation. I am over the snow and its chilling inconveniences. Let’s go to the beach.

Take a trip to the Rockies


There is nothing in the world similar to going 20 mph down a snow-packed slope. Weaving among people, obstacles, and woods while racing down the side of a mountain on a pair of skis is something that I know not everyone is a fan of. But that doesn’t mean a vacation in the snow isn’t for you.

Ski resorts such as Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride are exceptionally beautiful. Every street corner is occupied by five-star restaurants and eclectic shops. Visitors come in hordes from around the world to experience what the Rocky Mountains have to offer. And let me tell you, the mountains don’t disappoint anyone.

Tubing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing are some of the most common winter sports. Most larger resorts also feature late-night tours of the historic towns. And for those who wish to relax on their vacations, there is no shortage of indoor/outdoor hot tubs. Persuaded yet?

Ski towns have a cult-like following. Every year, new winter fashion is débuted on the slopes, and while no one has to dress to the nines, I myself find it exhilarating. Oh, and by the way, sunshine is abundant on the face of the mountains. Many times, temperatures can swell into the 50s.

Yes, sand between your toes is nice. But for those of you who have never taken a winter trip into the Rockies, you are missing out. A trip into the blizzard out West is something everyone should try; they will keep you coming back, I promise.

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