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The Old Capitol is seen on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017.

In Their Own Words: Should we introduce isolated people to modern technology?

Students from the University of Iowa share their thoughts on how developed civilizations should react to the discovery of an isolated tribe near the Brazil-Peru border.

During the week of Aug. 23, a video taken by a drone captured figures bounding through a valley near the Brazil-Peru border. These figures were later found to be part of an indigenous tribe of people. At least 11 tribe members were unaware of outside civilizations. After the story broke, comments and opinions have been mixed. Commenters either insisted on leaving the tribe alone or suggested that modern-day innovations could change people’s lives for the better. In such situations, in which a society evolves isolated from modern “societies,” how should the outside world react? UI students share their thoughts.

Mariah Buser – UI sophomore
Jenny Yang – UI junior
Teju Kotte – UI senior
Zach Ostendorf – UI senior
Abby Rinaldi – UI graduate student

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