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Terminology explained: Blackjack edition


One game that has been played through the centuries is none other than the card game classic, Blackjack.

With the rise in its popularity and more players signing up to play casino online games, we thought there was no better time to dive into the terminology world of Blackjack.

This should help players new and existing get to grips with some of the lingo used within Blackjack games, both online on virtual platforms or in person within brick-and-mortar establishments.

So, if you want to brush up on your Blackjack lingo or start afresh, ready to sound more like a pro at the game table, simply scroll down to discover more.


The name given to the amount of money a player has available to play with, is bankroll. However, this is not to be confused with the entire total a player has to play with, it’s only the proportion the player is willing to risk and play with at the casino.


Not only is this the name of the game, but it’s also the name given to the ‘perfect hand’. A perfect hand, also known as a Blackjack is comprised of one ace of any suit, along with a ten or picture/royal card. This is due to the fact that an ace holds the value of one or eleven, whilst the royal cards hold a value of ten, meaning holding an ace and royal or ten in your hand creates 21.

Burn Card

This is the name given to the card that all dealers put to one side before dealing all other cards in the deck. The card is put to one side face down so no player, or the dealer themselves, knows what the card was, to help throw anyone off from card counting or trying to guess what the first card is going to be.


This is the one term no player wants to hear or be associated with. If you hear this term used, it means you, or the player associated with the term, have run out of money and used all their bankroll.

Flat Betting

If you, or a player at the game table, consistently places the same wagering amount per game, this is known as flat betting. This is perfectly ok to do, with no rules against it, this is simply the term given when a player wagers the same amount, hand after hand.


After you or a player feels they need another card to reach a total of 21, after being dealt their two original cards, you simply need to ask the dealer to ‘Hit’ you with another card.


This term is used by players when they’re either happy with their first two cards dealt to them, or happy with their hand after additional cards have been added. To tell the dealer that they no longer require further cards to be added, they simply tell the dealer that they are going to ‘stand’. This signals to the dealer that the player is happy with their hand and they can proceed to the next stage of the game, their own hand.

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