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Here is a list of shows to watch while waiting for Wednesday, season 2

Wednesday, season 1 has been a scream that enchanted all viewers. The horror comedy produced by Tim Burton has become one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time, and everyone has become obsessed with Jenna Ortega and her performance after she flawlessly depicted Wednesday Adams. The series brings a new approach to the Adams Family because it was created as a teen show where the protagonist tries to solve a mystery while being caught up in a love triangle and defies the authority figures at the boarding school.

Several months have passed since the show was uploaded to the streaming platform, and there’s a chance most people reading this article have seen season 1 and are waiting for the next round. While the show has confirmation for the second season, there’s no official launch date yet, so the series’ fans have to fill their time with other activities until they can get back to the school for supernatural youth.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of shows that share common traits with Wednesday, so you only have to check the list and pick the ones that catch your attention.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you loved the spooky part of Wednesday, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina might be the ideal show to watch while you wait for season 2. The great thing is that you can also find it on Netflix, and it has four seasons, so it should take you some time to watch them all. Wednesday fans love Sabrina because she is also a teenage witch who has begun her education and must learn to control her powers while fighting evil forces.

The series offers the impression that you’re catching up with a world where it is always Halloween. The Academy of Unseen Arts is a supernatural school, similar to the Nevermore Academy, so the series will keep you in the same area. If you want to spend your nights following the journey of a teenage witch who falls in love, gets caught in love triangles, navigates conflicts with her family and authority figures, and solves mysteries, make sure to add the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to your to-watch list.

Shadowhunters – The Mortal Instruments

The names Cassandra Clare and Shadowhunters are well-known in the world of fantasy book lovers. It’s one of the most beloved series of books with diverse characters and an intricate plot. Part of the Mortal Instruments volumes have served as inspiration for a TV show called Shadowhunters that focuses on the journey of Clary Fray to discovering she is a Nephilim.

Similarly to Wednesday, Shadowhunters also depicts a world where supernatural creatures live hidden from humans. Besides Nephilim warriors who are descendants of the Angels, other creatures like werewolves, fairies, and vampires also fill the story of Cassandra Clare. The movie follows a group of teenagers who try to solve a mystery and retrieve a magical object called the Mortal Cup.

If you share our taste in characters, you’ll definitely love Magnus Bane, the sassy warlock with feline eyes.

Stranger Things

This is another massively successful series you can watch on Netflix. Many Netflix viewers have made parallels between the two shows and think they perfectly complete each other because they are dark and follow children with special powers. The protagonists from both shows fight monsters who are threatening the world of humans and are doing their best to hide their real selves. The protagonists’ personalities are also similar; Wednesday and Max could have gotten along just fine. They are sarcastic, glum most of the time, and non-expressive.

Shadow and Bone

While Shadow and Bone has no character to resemble Wednesday from the popular show, it has a very lovable goat in the first season, and some thieves no one would be mad at if they entered their homes. The fantasy TV series is based on the book series of the same name, written by Leigh Bardugo and takes the viewer to a dystopian world where people with magical powers are called Grisha. Each of them has a different kind of magic and are often regarded as manipulators of molecular matters.

During the first season, we find out that Ravka, the country where the protagonist, Alina, lives, is split in two by a region of engulfing darkness, called the Shadow Fold, where dangerous monsters live. Alina turns out to be a Grisha with the special ability to summon light, becoming the only hope of Ravka. However, she must face the Darkling’s forces while she learns to master her powers in order to do it.

The Umbrella Academy

Next on the list is a show with characters with supernatural forces, but they are no longer teenagers but adults with unique challenges and issues. The series follows a group of siblings with superpowers trying to learn more about the circumstances of their adoptive father’s death. We know that it’s a lot to take from the description, but we promise the series is quite entertaining to watch, thanks to the mix of personalities and how they interact.

Wednesday has little in common with the Umbrella Academy from the plot standpoint, but the Netflix algorithm often recommends the two together, so it might know something.


Riverdale starts as a regular teenage TV series, so if you’re in for this kind of show, it might be your ideal choice. You’ll witness Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie’s lives as they navigate high school and become adults in the creepy town of Riverdale. Considering that the entire TV series is based on solving mysteries, there are some similarities between the two.

Netflix viewers noted that each character from Wednesday has a counterpart in Riverdale, so take it as a challenge to discover them. And considering the multiple seasons, Riverdale will definitely keep you busy until Wednesday season 2 comes to Netflix.
Do you have any other suggestions? Please feel free to share them with the readers because who knows how long the producers might need to put the next season together, and we wouldn’t want them to get bored while waiting.

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