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10 simple tips on how to make cold calling far less stressful in 2023


Cold calling no longer works if you define it as dialing hundreds of unrelated people in the hopes that one might be interested in your goods. However, many businesses are surprised that the classic cold-calling strategy still works effectively with a few adjustments. Especially when you employ a powerful business CRM system.

Ten best cold-calling tips for 2023

You may accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time and with much less aggravation if you modernize your cold-calling technique.

Run pre-call research

The salespeople that phone out of the blue with their hot offers are folks we’ve all dealt with. Unfortunately, the customer doesn’t at all want it. The customer can be intrigued by the offer but discover later that they are uninterested.

Write a basic script

It’s not simple to make multiple cold calls daily and converse with various types of people. Additionally, suppose you are a novice and have only recently begun to learn the ropes. In that case, it is considerably more demanding and frustrating. Your new and experienced salespeople would benefit significantly from having a call script with all the relevant information and specifics, and advice on handling obstinate or nasty consumers.

Choose your timing wisely

For whatever reason, many salespeople prefer calling in the early morning. But a new sales offer is usually the last thing on people’s minds in the early morning. You need to reach at a more convenient time.

An excellent suggestion is to review your call history to determine the days and hours when customers are more likely to pick up the phone. Your sales effectiveness could be improved by scheduling your calls at that time of day.

Find a way to work with rejections

Years ago, getting a yes on the first sales contact was feasible, but today, most clients will have questions and doubts. However, handling sales objections well may be what ultimately closes a contract.

It’s a good idea to provide instructions in your sales script on addressing particular arguments or concerns to aid your sales agents in overcoming such challenges.

Dealing with rejection is another topic your sales representatives need to know. Reps must learn how to take “no” for an answer and move on to another prospect since no matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to close every sale.

Don’t rush with a sales pitch

Many sales representatives commit this error. They instantly submit their offer at the beginning of the call without even seeking the other party’s perspective. Additionally, sales representatives frequently launch into pitching their goods or services when they learn what the customer is searching for.

Assessing your prospect’s wants and expectations is the first step in keeping them on the line if you want to avoid cutting your pitch short before it’s even begun.

Remember, it’s a dialogue

Another common error made by sales representatives who go into a pitch right away is talking nonstop. The prospect may attempt, but they are only forbidden from speaking till the answer is “yes.” These salespeople believe that the more they talk, the more the client will be persuaded. In actuality, the reverse is true.

Your call will likely be disconnected if you don’t allow your customers enough time to discuss their issues and ask questions without coming across as just another aggressive salesperson.

Don’t forget about voicemail

Some people choose not to answer calls because they are preoccupied or because they just don’t hear the phone ring.

Voicemails have to be brief, concise, and to the point.

Don’t give up too early

Nowadays, cold calling requires far more effort than it did in the past. Additionally, about half of the salespeople quit after just one follow-up. More phone calls or emails will just make them appear like pushy marketers.

Before a salesperson loses up on them, most internet consumers like to get 2-4 phone calls. Even more unexpected may be that practically all converted leads are reached by the sixth phone attempt. You are losing out on many potential businesses if you don’t follow up with a prospect!

Use automation

Are you still manually placing information on sticky notes, updating your database by hand, or scoring leads? You might be making calls instead of spending so much time and effort. Use a comprehensive CRM system to manage your customer base and follow-ups ‒ you can even have it customized by the RedTag team.

Additionally, you can quickly identify which prospects are most likely to be interested in your offer and which aren’t worth your time owing to built-in analytics tools. That results in increased output and performance at work and significantly reduced frustration.

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